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Why is nonwoven replacing fabrics in beds and furniture?

News   •   Aug 20, 2019 08:25 CEST

Most bed and furniture manufacturers are replacing woven fabrics with nonwoven materials such as spunbond or needle punched felt. Know why?


Well, the main reason is that nonwoven can be significantly less expensive than fabrics. This becomes a major factor when wrapping interior parts of beds and padded furniture such as springs as it often requires a lot of material. And as it’s not visible to the eye of the end-user, there is no reason using expensive fabrics when nonwoven does the same job.

Nonwoven is also often used to clad the backs, inserts or undersides of furniture and beds that are not visible to the eye.

Easier production

Nonwoven parts don’t require stitches. Segments of nonwoven can be welded together which makes production less complicated. Some nonwovens can also be moulded into different shapes, creating a literally seamless experience for the end-user of a bed or furniture.

More luxurious feel

As the cost of nonwoven can be lower than that of fabrics, it’s also possible to wrap all interior parts to protect the furniture or bed from allergenic dust. Wrapping interior parts in nonwoven also protects the construction and lowers the risk of sharper parts such as springs tearing or wearing out softer elements of the furniture or bed.

Using a soft and pliant nonwoven material gives the customer an experience of the furniture or bed that is quieter with less rustling.

Learn more about nonwoven for beds and furniture here. You can also order samples on our website or contact Scandinavian Nonwoven at for samples.