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This year's Nordic Business Travel Awards was cancelled due to covid-19, but as the survey is completed we decided to conduct the award ceremony online on The Award's facebook page during week 12.The best Nordic business travel providers 2020 were appointed by the research institute Nordic Bench in cooperation with the four Nordic business travel associations (SBTA, FBTA, DBTA, NBTA).

And the winners are...

Best Airline: Air France KLM

Best Hotel Chain: Sokos Hotels

Best Car Rental Company: Europcar


Best Payment Solution: Eurocard

Best Travel Tech: Concur Expense

Topp 3 in each category


  • Air France/KLM, SAS, Finnair

Hotel Chains

  • Radisson Blu, Scandic Hotels, Sokos Hotels

Car Rental Companies

  • Avis, Europcar, Sixt

Travel Management Companies (TMCs)

  • American Express GBT, CWT, HRG Nordic

Payment Providers

  • Diners Club, Eurocard, First Card

Travel Tech

  • KDS Neo, myCWT, Concur Expense

About the Nordic Business Travel Awards and the research institute Nordic Bench

Nordic Business Travel Awards is a cooperation between the research institute Nordic Bench and the four business travel associations DBTA, FBTA, NBTA and SBTA. The prize ceremony would have been held at the annual "Nordic Business Travel Summit" which alternates between the four Nordic countries each year, but due to covid-19, the physical event was unfortunately canceled.

The basis for the award ceremony are corporate buyers and members of the four Nordic associations (DBTA, FBTA, NBTA and SBTA) that have assessed the travel suppliers the companies are using in the categories Airlines, Hotel Chains, Car Rental Companies, Travel Management Companies,Payment and Travel Tech Providers for corporate travel management. The survey and award is based on the Net Promoter methodology, and the highest score in each award category wins.

However, the Nordic benchmark survey conducted by Nordic Bench is wider and broader than the basis for the actual award ceremony. In addition to the business travel associations’ member companies, the survey also includes other companies in the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish market. In addition, the survey covers both the categories decision makers (in travel-related issues) and business travelers. The two categories assess their travel providers from different perspectives. The decision makers assess from a company perspective (industry drivers such as agreement / agreement terms, code of conduct, Sales / KAM / AM etc.), and business travelers assess the travel providers by industry segment specific drivers that differ depending on whether it is an airline, hotel, travel agency or payment provider. Both categories assess the travel providers based on Net Promoter Score (NPS), and some industry segments’ specific driving factors. The drivers provide an explanation of what drives customer satisfaction and NPS. This both for the industry as a whole, but also for each and every travel provider.


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Nordic Bench is a research institute focusing on independent industry studies based on an international standard for the Net Promoter methodology. Applications of Net Promoter Score provide support to companies to reduce customer loss, mobilize loyal ambassadors in the clientele, and generate important insights into what drives their customers and competitors' loyalty.


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