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Du kan se hela pressmeddelandet inkl. bifogade filer här: The following loan will be registered on NDX´s Bond List with effect from May 29, 2006: 1. Kommuninvest i Sverige AB, EMTN, Index linked bond loan May 29, 2006, maturity date May 25, 2011, (issuer price 103,75%) Underlying: S&P500 (35%), DJ Eurostoxx 50 (30%), TOPIX (15%), FTSE100 (10%), SMI (5%), AMEX Hong Kong 30 (5%) Short name: KOMO 801G ISIN code: XS0248327594 Orderbook ID: 67111807 Last day of trading at NDX Bonds: May 5, 2011 Round lot: DKK 100 000 Denomination: nom. DKK 100 000 Issuing agent: Carnegie Clarification: Nominal currency and round lot in DKK, not in SEK. For clearing and settlement Euroclear is used. For further information concerning this NDX notice please call Market surveillance, at +46 8 566 390 55. About this Notice This notice contains only certain formal matters regarding registration of certain bond loans on NDX. This notice is thus not intended to give full information on a listed bond loan, i e regarding its terms. For more information about the loans, please contact the issuer or NGMs Market Surveillance. Since this document is for information purpose only Nordic Growth Market NGM AB does not assume any responsibility regarding incorrect information in this document. About NDX Nordic Derivatives Exchange (NDX) is a new market for derivatives and other structured products. The market is operated by Nordic Growth Market (, a regulated exchange under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The trading is electronic and conducted in the same platform as for NGM Equity and Nordic OTC ( NDX offers an increased influence for issuers, increased opportunities for product development, increased flexibility concerning listing and de-listing and an increased opportunity for short-term products. Further, NDX offers a platform for marketing of issuer and issuers products, a platform that also aims at increasing the understanding and knowledge of derivatives and other structured products for the members' customers.


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