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PÅMINNELSE: New Deal forZimbabwe - A Framework for Change?

A seminar on the political future of Zimbabwe after the power-sharing deal co-organised by the Nordic Africa Institute, Living History Forum and the Swedish Institute for International Affairs

"People should be made aware that through their votes, they have the power to free themselves from violence, tyranny, oppression, hunger and disease".

Bishop Sebastian Bakare


Sebastian Bakare

Anglican bishop of Harare, recipient of the Per Anger Prize 2008


Amanda Hammar

Zimbabwean researcher, Programme Co-ordinator at the Nordic Africa Institute


Anders Möllander

Former Swedish Ambassador to South Africa


Moderator: Jan Joel Andersson

Programme Director at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs


In this seminar, Bishop Sebastian Bakare, recipient of the Per Anger Prize for 2008, will discuss the political future of Zimbabwe with Amanda Hammar, Zimbabwean researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala and Anders Möllander, former Swedish Ambassador to South Africa.


Bishop Sebastian Bakare,born in 1942, is the Anglican bishop of the diocese of Harare under the Church of the Province of Central Africa. With escalating political turmoil in Zimbabwe, Bishop Bakare has become a strong spokesman for democratic values and human rights. He was recently awarded the Per Anger Prize for 2008 by eight Swedish human rights NGOs.


Amanda Hammar, PhD, born in 1959, is a Zimbabwean researcher and currently programme co-ordinator with the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala. Her research is focused on forced displacement in Southern Africa.


Anders Möllander, born in 1943, is a Swedish diplomat and former Swedish Ambassador to South Africa . In 1999-2000 he chaired the panel of experts set up by the UN Security Council to investigate the application of UN sanctions against Unita (the rebel movement in Angola).

Date: Wednesday 12 November 2008

Time: 16.00 -17.30

Location: The Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Drottning Kristinas väg 37, Stockholm

Confirmation: Please contact the Institute in advance to confirm your attendance

E-mail: or tel. 08-511 768 14



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