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OAXEN SOLO at Oaxen Slip extended with Wednesdays

Following the success of OAXEN SOLO on Friday nights, the innovative new solo-dining concept will be held on Wednesdays too. SOLO encourages those who wants or needs to dine out by themselves to do so together.

Launched in Fall 2018 OAXEN SOLO offers guests a place where dining solo is the norm. A place where solo diners can be certain everybody alongside them is a solo diner as well. The concept is simple, once the guest has reserved their seat, there is only one requirement: they must come alone. No dates, no family, no friends. Everything from the company and menu is to be a surprise. SOLO is a sharing dinner full of new things to discover, and where everybody shares and tastes from everything.

Agneta Green, co- founder and owner of Oaxen Krog & Slip, says: “We launched SOLO to change how solo diners are perceived. During the fall, we’ve seen the concept was needed and that solo-dining is a growing trend in Sweden.”

Joachim Sundqvist, who studies the behavior of visitors in relation to eating at the University of Umeå, agrees. He says: “Concerning dining out solo, many visitors feel that it’s problematic because restaurants are not accustomed to this culture in Sweden. There is a lack of competence when it comes to solo diners.”

So far reviews from OAXEN SOLO diners have been hugely positive. One guest comments: ”This was one of the best dining experiences I have had as a solo diner… I will definitely come back again.”

OAXEN SOLO is held every Wednesday and Friday.

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Oaxen Krog & Slip is situated on the island of Djurgården in central Stockholm. Oaxen is made up of two restaurants: The "Slip", a casual Swedish bistro, and the "Krog" where you can experience fine dining. Both restaurants have a clear focus on Swedish, locally sourced and seasonal flavours. As well as the two restaurants there is "The Club Room", for private dinners and meetings and also hotel-boat Prince van Orangiën, allowing you to spend the night at one of Stockholm’s most charming hotels which just so happens to be a prestigious Dutch vessel from the 1930s.


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