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Océ introducerar Prémia Class

Persistency pays: Remanufactured versions of proven premium performers

Océ, an international leader in digital document management, today announced the launch of Océ Prémia Class, a specially designed program aimed at giving its printing systems a second life. The Océ Prémia Class was introduced at the National Sustainability Congress in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

Since the Seventies, Océ has proven its commitment to using recyclable materials and remanufacturing, revising and reconditioning its printing systems. Market acceptance and the increasing focus on sustainability made the company decide to raise awareness for these products. The time is ripe to cluster these activities in a distinct portfolio: the Océ Prémia Class.


Total life cycle
Remanufacturing is a key factor in the company's overall production process. Océ Prémia Class products offer significant savings to the customer who receives the same quality output at an affordable price level. In Prémia Class products, Océ uses many parts and modules from systems that have returned from the market. These products were originally designed for year after year disruption-free operation, and are in good condition for a second life. They are also a healthy choice for the working environment because they use less energy, produce less waste, emit virtually no ozone and run very quietly.


The Océ Asset Recovery Facilities
Over the last two decades, Océ has established complete Asset Recovery facilities. The first Asset Recovery facility was opened in Venlo in 1990, where approximately 3,000 revised printing systems and 130,000 parts and modules will be delivered this year. Other facilities are located in the United States at the Océ Refurbishment and Configuration Center in the Chicago suburb of Itasca; in Germany, at the Océ remanufacturing facility at Poing, close to Munich; and in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.


Range of remanufactured products
The Océ Prémia Class offers a wide range of remanufactured products from office multifunctional printers and production printers to wide format printers. Currently the following products are part of the Océ Prémia Class: Océ 3165 Evo, Océ VarioPrint 2090/Océ VarioPrint 2100/Océ VarioPrint 2110, Océ CPS800 & Océ CPS900 Eco and Océ TDS600.


Rigorous testing and certification, guaranteed quality from Océ
Every Océ Prémia Class system is built to order and undergoes a rigorous multi-point certification process - at the component and system level - by Océ-trained engineers and technicians. Each system is individually inspected, measured, calibrated and checked for compliance with original specifications This guarantees the same quality as a newly manufactured Océ product.

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