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Boomerang relies on Ongoings WMS for continues growth in the eCommerce sector!

Boomerang Distribution OU is one of the largest companies in return handling and 3PL services in Scandinavia. The company has Swedish owners and management, and is situated strategically in Tallinn, Estonia.

” We started to co-operate with Ongoing Warehouse in 2015 and have since then been using their Warehouse Management System extensively to implement more than 100 eCommerce integrations”, says Jonas Heinonen, CEO of Boomerang Distribution OU.

The Majority of Boomerang´s customers are within the Nordic/Baltic eCommerce cluster with a worldwide delivery profile, requiring a flexible, high quality service performance both in regards to delivery and returns management.

” Boomerang has enjoyed exceptional growth since 2015 and Ongoing warehouse has contributed to a great extent in standardizing our internal processes and providing a scalable system process to support a very dynamic business environment”, continues Jonas Heinonen.

Boomerang use the system for seamless integrations with their customers eCommerce platforms and ERP-systems, as well as integrations with transport- and distribution systems. Barcode-scanning, Bulk / picking storage replenishment and Customers Log-in are among the features that are used.

” The greatest benefits using Ongoing warehouse are threefold; fast and cost-effective integrations with our customers, secondly the solutions centric approach and thirdly that the system is flexible within a very changeable business environment", Jonas Heinonen concludes.

Ongoing Warehouse is a growing software company based in Gothenburg, Sweden which specializes in a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) for 3PL companies. Ongoing is the market leader in its niche in Scandinavia.

” We enjoy working and growing in close cooperation with customers like Boomerang. Boomerang is a well-run, owner-lead company that has the same Scandinavian values and approach as we have on topics such as quality, service and reliable delivery”, says Fredrik Einarsson, CEO of Ongoing. 

For more information, welcome to contact:

Fredrik Einarsson, CEO Ongoing Warehouse AB, , phone: +46 317675450.

Jonas Heinonen, CEO Boomerang Distribution OU, , phone: +372 53057799. 


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Ongoing Warehouse is a leading Scandinavian software company, specialized in a modern, web-based WMS-system for companies in the area of 3PL/ Warehouseing. Our mission is to quickly and easily provide a capable, webbased warehouse management system. For more information, please contact Fredrik Einarsson, CEO Ongoing Warehouse AB, , phone: +46 317675450.


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