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op5 Releases a New Generation of Downloadable Products for Modern IT Control

The leading OSM - open source management - company op5 announces the launch of new versions of two of its three main products for control of IT systems and networks. Radically improved user friendliness, direct download as a compliment to the current appliance solution, and functions specifically targeted to speed up configuration are some of the new key features. Together with the recently launched subscription-based licensing model, the new functions enable users to get their OSM systems up and running in a short time frame.

op5 releases completely new versions of two of its three main products for open source management on October 15th.

The new product versions are called op5 Monitor 3.2 and op5 LogServer 2.0. Key features:

  • Freedom of choice between op5's appliance or the client's own hardware.
  • Greater freedom of choice regarding operative systems, hardware, support and service.
  • All products are now available for direct download, both as software packages that the customers install themselves on their own hardware, and as packages prepared to be run directly in vmware.
  • The tools have been adapted to facilitate and speed up configuration.
  • op5 has added value and packaging to make the underlying software Nagios very user friendly.
  • All products are available in trial versions.

"It is a well known fact that software based on open source is more cost efficient and flexible for customers than ‘closed' software. We have in our new product versions really focused on user friendliness since we see it as the single most important feature", said Jan Josephson, Head of Business Development, op5. "Ease of use, or the lack of it, is probably the single costliest part of any system's total cost of ownership (TCO). This is especially true for the NMS (Network Management System) sector of the industry."

For downloadable screenshots of the new products are available on op5 website

New Subscription-Based Licensing Model

op5 recently launched a subscription-based licensing model called op5 Network Management Suite. op5 Network Management Suite enables customers to easily and cost-efficiently subscribe to professional systems for monitoring, statistics and logg handling, including e.g. service and support.

op5 Network Management Suite is offered for op5's entire product line, consisting of op5 Monitor, op5 Statistics and op5 LogServer. The new subscription model is comprehensive and flexible. Clients get an improved capability to budget the costs and to directly and easily find out what the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a system really will be over one, two or three years. Everything (i.e. access to new releases, support, service etc) is included in a fixed price.

About op5

op5 is a world leading OSM - open source management - company that supplies software based on open source for control of IT systems and networks. op5's main products are op5 Monitor, op5 Statistics and op5 LogServer. The products are based on open source that op5 adds to and develops further, sells as complete systems, and supports.

Target groups are companies and other organizations, including governments, parastatals and municipalities, with larger data networks and needs for operations monitoring. op5 has approximately 200 clients, e.g. Aftonbladet, Volvo, Intrum Justitia, Bonnier, Max Matthiessen, SMHI, Claes Ohlsson, Tullverket and other parastatals, and several county councils, municipalities and municipal companies.

op5 was founded in 2003. The company has 25 employees at its offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. op5 is owned by the founders and the employees, and investors KTH Chalmers Capital and Pod Venture Partners.

For additional information contact:

Johan Berg
CEO, op5 AB
Phone: +46 8 23 02 28
Mobile: +46 733 703 025


Jan Josephson
Head of Business Development, op5 AB
Mobile: +46 707 25 09 00




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