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BergendahlsGruppen signs Letter of Intent for Pick-n-Go®

BergendahlsGruppen AB, one of the leading groceries distributors in Sweden has signed a Letter of Intent with Optiscan Group for Pick-n-Go®, a new solution that connects automatically guided forklifts with Voice-directed picking and will offer significant productivity improvement opportunities in the Bergendahls distribution centre in Hässleholm.

The Kollmorgen Pick-n-Go® solution combines Voice picking with automated, driverless Pick-n-Go® forklifts. The basic idea is to streamline the picking process by minimizing unnecessary travel inside the warehouse. This is the most efficient way to improve the manual picking process.

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Mikko Mertjärvi, Managing Director Optiscan Group, tel. +358 9 4766 7625, e-mail:

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Optiscan Group provides solutions based on Voice and Pick-n-Go® for enhancing material and data flows, productivity and customer satisfaction in warehousing as well as solutions utilizing RFID and barcode technologies increasing efficiency in warehouse, manufacturing and field service operations. OptiCare™ services guarantee project results and ensure maximal utilization of delivered solutions. Optiscan Group operates in the Nordics, Baltics and Russia. For more information visit


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