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We met at a party

Örebro 12 of December 2020

Länsmusiken i Örebro AB

Örebro Konserthus (Örebro Concert Hall)

Svenska Kammarorkestern (Swedish Chamber Orchestra)

Pre-release: As a result of an exclusive partnership with Medici will release the

video in selected channels before the 16th of December. More info on:

Länsmusiken in Örebro AB is proud to announce the release of a unique video where

the Swedish Chamber Orchestra with Martin Fröst salute Beethoven 250. The performance

was recorded at the concert hall in Örebro during the fall of 2020 and will be released on

the 16th of December at as well as on YouTube.

We met at a party,

The Nobel Prize Party is an annual international highlight, a feast of the senses

and a celebration of intellectual achievement. When Martin Fröst and the Swedish

Chamber Orchestra were invited together to create a musical framework for this

party, creative sparks began to fly and the result was a heady mix of the Genesis

Project and Beethoven Symphonies.

This festive encounter led directly to a deeper relationship and now they are starting

a journey together with Martin as Chief Conductor. Together our goal is to write a

new book of music-making and creativity where we seek to expand the framework of

orchestral performance- Says Martin. As a starting-point of their collaboration, and

as a birthday greeting to the great master, they present this toast to Beethoven – the

fiery yet feather-light finale to his first symphony, recorded in the orchestra’s home,

the Örebro Concert Hall.


Gregor Zubicky, Artistic Manager 

Martin Fröst, Chief Conductor

Swedish Chamber Orchestra

For press inquiries and more information please contact:

Gregor Zubicky Artistic Manager, Swedisch Chamber Orchestra 019-766 62 11

Beryl Lunder Managing Director Länsmusiken i Örebro AB, 019-766 62 10

Martin Fröst Chief Conductor Swedish Chamber Orchestra

via Spiros Chatziangelou at Harrison Parrot

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