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Champagne at Hallbars Sustainability Reports exhibition launch, Alfred Nobel House, Karlskoga, Sweden (Photo Ewa Hector Agorelius)
Champagne at Hallbars Sustainability Reports exhibition launch, Alfred Nobel House, Karlskoga, Sweden (Photo Ewa Hector Agorelius)

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Best Wishes for 2021

Stakeholders and Shareholders.

Sustainability experts are on the frontline. With the pandemic, they have become essential.

In 2020, the pandemic accelerated changes. Ministries of the Environment became Ministries of Sustainability or Climate Change. The person or team responsible for Sustainability now report directly to the CEO in many corporations.

In the corporate world, there is a fast significant shift, Sustainability has become key for the CEO. The focus is now on stakeholders, which include the community, the employees, the suppliers, the clients, the shareholders and many others in society. Specifically the pandemic has made clear that sustainability is a most important criteria for ALL investors today. For the other stakeholders, they have learned the hard way with the pandemic that they are all together on the same planet and need to face the issues.

Fortunately, sustainability reports show much is already being done by corporations, as fast as possible. Hallbars wants to show everyone everywhere the essential work showcased in Sustainability Reports worldwide. Sustainability experts are now on the frontline.

Hallbars objective is to promote Sustainability Reports, help their readership and impact. It considers the reports as books. It does not rate sustainability efforts. Hallbars was launched publicly in June 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. It does fill a need, and has already a fast impact. For instance, 88 institutions and corporations used their participation in the Hallbars Awards of October 2020 to communicate on their sustainability report and get articles in the media.

Visitors from 124 countries visit month after month the website www.hallbars.org. The same ten of the 12 countries have been at the top in number of visitors to the website every month. They are, ranked by the number of visitors:

USA, Denmark, France, Germany, UK, The Netherlands, India, Sweden, Canada, China, Singapore, Brazil.

Bigger countries do lead the way. Smaller countries like Denmark , The Netherlands, Singapore and Sweden show their corporations and people already champion sustainability as a way of life.

Encouraged by its success in 2020, Hallbars will multiply initiatives in 2021. Much information is available in its first book, Sustainability Rocks, available free to download since December 3, by a click on the cover of the book in the News pages of the website. A second book is being prepared for publication in April 2021, for which enquires to participate are welcome. It is free to qualified parties.

Sustainability reports are now multiplying, for countries, cities, international and national organisations, universities and schools, public and private corporations, and others. There is a gigantic effort, by numerous professionals, beyond expectations. The pandemic has indeed changed priorities.

We are working on the new Sustainability Reports 2020 , which all mention the pandemic. Reading these reports is an excellent way to start 2021. We have already planned many opportunities to meet, in Paris in early June, Alfred Nobel House in Sweden again in the Autumn, then in Asia and Latin America at the end of the year.


Best wishes for 2021!!



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