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​P.F.C. named Challenger of the Year in Bank of the Year Award

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​P.F.C. named Challenger of the Year in Bank of the Year Award

The Swedish fintech P.F.C. is named Challenger of the Year in the Swedish publication Privata Affärer’s Bank of the Year award for being "the payment card of the future without extra fees."

“What a recognition! We want to challenge existing players by exceeding our users' expectations and helping them keep tabs on their money,” says Eli Daniel Keren, Co-founder and CEO.

“Our users compare our user experience to Uber and Instagram, and we are happy that more than 60 000 believe that we deliver. They want personal and automated financial services and transparency, and that’s what we give them,” says Eli Daniel Keren.

The jury has named P.F.C. Challenger of the Year as part of their award Bank of the Year.

P.F.C. launched in late 2018 and has grown to more than 60 000 users in less than a year. P.F.C. is currently adding 10 000 new users per month.

P.F.C. is a personal financial app and a free debit card that users top up with the instant payment service Swish. The challenger fintech recently launched the first phase of its savings features in the P.F.C. app, where users can set savings goals and start saving money. Next in line is automagic savings, which helps users save money every day.

P.F.C. currently offers features such as cost-splitting, budgeting, automatic categorization and top three spending categories. Users can freeze, unfreeze, and order a new card directly in the P.F.C. app and receive a push notification after every purchase that includes the user’s current balance. Similarly, P.F.C. enables users to change pin-code and chat with customer service in the app. With no extra fees for purchases abroad and free ATM withdrawals (up to 3000 SEK), P.F.C. also targets travelers.

P.F.C. is a regulated payments institution under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. P.F.C. employs approximately 40 individuals with extensive technology, product, and brand expertise.


Charlotta Åsell

Charlotta Åsell

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Koll på pengarna

P.F.C. gör det möjligt att på ett enkelt och smidigt sätt få bättre koll på vardagsekonomin. Sedan lanseringen 2018 erbjuder P.F.C. digitala lösningar som hjälper människor att spendera, spara och hantera sina pengar – allt på ett enda ställe.

Med en kombination av innovativ teknik, modern design och optimal användarvänlighet har P.F.C. redan attraherat uppemot hundratusen användare, och kan nu titulera sig Sveriges snabbast växande bankutmanare. Läs mer på www.getpfc.com.

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