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​Swedish fintech P.F.C. hits 60 000 users in 10 months

The Swedish fintech P.F.C. reaches 60 000 users less than one year after launch. P.F.C. is currently adding 10 000 users per month.

P.F.C. started building its technical platform and brand at the beginning of 2018. Built and launched in less than one year, P.F.C. currently serves Swedish users. P.F.C. has attracted 60 000 users and will expand into the Nordics during 2020.

“We’ve had a great first year, and have gotten more traction in a shorter amount of time than any other fintech that has entered the Swedish market. Users appreciate that we offer a personalised and localised service, and localisation will remain our strategy as we expand to other markets,” says Eli Daniel Keren, CEO and Co-founder of P.F.C.

“We built P.F.C. in a record-breaking nine months and are now beating growth records on the Swedish market,” says Eli Daniel Keren.

P.F.C. is a personal financial app and a free P.F.C. Mastercard. The Swedish fintech will shortly release personalised savings and credit products with simple and transparent pricing.

P.F.C. currently offers features such as cost-splitting, budgeting, automatic categorisation and top three spending categories. Users can freeze, unfreeze, and order a new card directly in the P.F.C. app and receive a push notification after every purchase that includes the user’s current balance. Similarly, P.F.C. enables users to change pin-code and chat with customer service in the app. With no extra fees for purchases abroad and free ATM withdrawals (up to 3000 SEK), P.F.C. also targets travellers.

P.F.C. is a regulated payments institution under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. P.F.C. employs approximately 40 individuals with extensive technology, product, and brand expertise.


Charlotta Åsell

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