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DOT SHOT first international newsletter

The Swedish DOT SHOT newsletter is a great success and has over 5000 readers so far. We now follow this up with the launch of an international newsletter in Europe.

DOT SHOT is the first curcumin/turmeric health drink based on water soluble curcumin worldwide. DOT SHOT is anti-inflammatory and is used by people living an active and healthy lifestyle as well as professional athletes.

Water soluble curcumin makes DOT SHOT much more effective and you will have a faster effect than with traditional curcumin/turmeric products.

DOT SHOT was launched in Sweden as the first country in Europe and has already created considerable interest internationally. In the newsletter you will get access to reports and interviews with our customers, Q&A's, news and information about how DOT SHOT can help you and others. Here you will also be able to read about our partners, fairs and events and our global journey introducing DOT SHOT in Europe and the US.

If you are interested in becoming one of our first International DOT SHOT Ambassadors, don't miss the you'll find information about that as well.

We are looking forward to having you with us on this journey!

Sign up for the International newsletter by mail to info@pharma-way.com.

International newsletter

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