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Tyringe becomes part of PipeChain – Creating the leading Nordic Supply Chain digitalization player

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Tyringe becomes part of PipeChain – Creating the leading Nordic Supply Chain digitalization player

LUND – [JULY 1, 2022] – PipeChain, a cloud-based Multi-Enterprise Network software for Automotive & Retail industry and Collaborative Planning & Replenishment software for global supply chains, is today announcing the acquisition of Tyringe Konsult AB (“Tyringe”). Tyringe is a Swedish-based supply chain software company with global reach, who since 1978 has helped companies to increase efficiency and competitiveness through its cloud-based order, customs, and transportation management process software.

Combining PipeChain and Tyringe, creates the leading Nordic player within supply chain collaboration for digitalized forecast-to-invoice processes, customs management, and transportation management. Both companies have a culture of combining thorough industry knowledge with relevant technology and roll-out methodology, to realize the power hidden within customers’ supply chains. In addition to these capabilities, dedicated organizations focusing on top-notch service level to its customers have proven to be a further explanation of customers’ success in driving their digitalization to levels far above the market in general.

“For PipeChain’s customers, the Tyringe solutions portfolio will open for dialogues covering not only the order-related digitalization, but also the collaborative processes around customs management and transportation management” says Hans Berggren, CEO of PipeChain. “Our combined turnover will reach SEK 120 million, with an ARR (annual recurring revenue) exceeding 70%, and we now have an impressive knowledge base in supply chain management and digitalization among our 80 employees”.

“To join forces with PipeChain will enable stronger growth for the new combined entity, based on a broader offer including Tyringe’s customs and transportation management solutions” says Jens Dremo, CEO of Tyringe. ”In addition to this, we will achieve synergies within sales, development and project delivery, where our great personnel will give customers an even better opportunity to discuss further business improvements”.

More information on how to get the most out of the combined PipeChain and Tyringe businesses, will be released during Q3 2022.

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Hans Berggren

Hans Berggren

Press contact CEO, PipeChain +46 70 3344567

Jens Dremo

CEO, Tyringe Konsult AB

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