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Ponsus Pharma Signs a Nordic Distribution Agreement with Celsus EHF

STOCKHOLM, May. 11. Ponsus Pharma has signed a product distribution agreement with Celsus EHF to distribute Proderm® Sunscreen in Sweden, Iceland and Norway. Proderm Sunscreen is today available in a SPF6, SPF20 and a SPF30 version. This distribution agreement will make Proderm Sunscreen available for more customers and not only for high performing athletes and people with sensitive skin.

Proderm Sunscreen products have been used for the past years by sports enthusiasts. "Adventure Racing is a sport where teams of four races for up to six days non- stop. Each team decides when to eat, when to sleep and when to push hard. Races can be well over 800 kilometers long, it is not out of the ordinary that we only sleep 1 - 2 hours per 24 hours of racing. As the races consist of many disciplines such as kayaking, glacier trekking, mountain biking, climbing, swimming and even horse- back riding they need extreme nature as a stage. Among other places we have raced in winter conditions above the Arctic Circle, we have raced in the desert in Morocco and we have raced in extremely wet weather on the west Coast of New Zealand' s South Island. To say the least the weather and outer conditions are very varied. After 10 years of using Proderm Sunscreen I know that I can apply sunscreen once a day and not have to worry about burning my skin to bits on a glacier.", stated Mats Andersson, An Adventure Racing legend from Bjurfors Adventure Racing

"Ponsus Pharma is very excited regarding this agreement. Our long-term strategy is to find dedicated marketing partners for both our current products and for products that are being developed for the dermatological market utilizing Proderm Technology. Celsus has made Proderm Sunscreen the most sold sun care brand in Iceland International Airport and we are confident that this accomplishment and experience will help everyone in the challenge to bring the Proderm Sunscreen out on the shelves, in Norway and Sweden, and to demonstrate the benefits of this sunscreen to the user." stated Lars Blak, CEO of Ponsus Pharma.

Anna Björg, General Manager of Celsus, stated "I have been working with Proderm Sunscreen for over 10 years. It is very rewarding to work with this product because of its loyal customer base. We receive amazing letters from our customers and feel like rescue workers when shipping the product to other countries were Proderm Sunscreen is still unknown. It is time for everyone Sweden to discover this fantastic product that should be one of their national prides."


About Celsus EHF


Celsus EHF is an Icelandic company that markets and sells health care products in the Iceland marketplace. In business for several years, Celsus EHF carefully selects the best niche products that compliment their customer base, and have secured a complete product portfolio. Celsus focuses strongly on customer service and needs. Establishing a Swedish subsidiary is a natural step for Celsus in their aim to become a major supplier of health care products to the Nordic marketplace.



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About Ponsus Pharma AB

Ponsus Pharma AB develops high performing dermatological products based on their patented Proderm Technology® for pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical companies, targeting the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market. The water-lipid nature of the Proderm Technology allows for the ingredients to be rapidly absorbed and incorporated into the viable epidermis. Furthermore, Proderm Technology is non-comedogenic and provides a cosmetically elegant feel in addition to ease of application because it is non-greasy and spreads easily. Unlike some topical foam preparations, Proderm Technology does not use either alcohol or other organic solvents, therefore it is well tolerated by patients. Ponsus Pharma markets their products through a group of marketing partners in various countries.


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