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PRODERM TECHNOLOGY is Now Also Available as a Cream

STOCKHOLM. Ponsus Pharma announces the introduction of a cosmetically elegant cream formulation using the patented PRODERM TECHNOLOGY®. The introduction of the cream formulation is a strategic line extension to the earlier launched and successfully marketed foam formulation.

PRODERM TECHNOLOGY is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, -alcohol free, and non-greasy. Quinnova Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the first of Ponsus Pharma partners to launch the new cream under the brand name Neosalus ™ Cream. Quinnova markets Neosalus™ cream and Neosalus™ Foam, both using PRODERM TECHNOLOGY®, as prescription products for the treatment of chronic inflammatory skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and hand eczema. Neosalus can be used without age or long-term use restrictions. It has been clinically proven that PRODERM TECHNOLOGY® Protects,Repairs and Hydrates the skin, in addition to providing anti-inflammatory properties.

"I routinely use NEOSALUS in my dermatology office," says Firas Hougeir, M.D. "I appreciate the versatility of the product and being able to choose between the foam and the cream for my patients. The cosmetic characteristics of the product have led to better patient compliance and treatment outcomes. NEOSALUS has been a strong addition to my armamentarium, allowing me to decrease steroid use in my patients and increase their tolerance of potentially irritating treatment regimens."

Many products that treat chronic inflammatory skin conditions are alcohol-based, which can lead to more irritation and poor patient compliance. PRODERM TECHNOLOGY®, on the other hand, is comprised of a mixture of water and lipids, and does not contain alcohol. Proderm Technology is effective because of its ability to ‘Protect – Repair – Hydrate’ the skin with its ease of application and rapid absorption. It protects from external irritants by forming a physical barrier, facilitates the repair of the skin by providing essential nourishment in the form of free fatty acids, and hydrates the skin.

Neosalus cream restores dysfunctional skin by replenishing lost physiological lipids, functions as a protectant to reduce the penetration of irritants, and improves skin hydration. Patients with chronic inflammatory skin conditions often experience dry, itchy, and scaly skin, with compromised skin barrier decreasing protection against irritants and infection. These disorders are characterized by cycles of exacerbations and remissions. Neosalus’ anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the frequency and severity of flare-ups, decrease reliance on corticosteroids, and complement other simultaneous treatments.

"We’re pleased to offer the Neosalus cream as a significant addition to the treatment options for chronic inflammatory skin disorders," says Jeffrey S. Day, Founder, President, and CEO of Quinnova Pharmaceuticals. "Clinicians, in general, are dissatisfied with current topical treatment options for chronic skin conditions, often citing poor efficacy and low patient compliance. We developed the Neosalus Cream in order to cater to the specific needs of our doctors and their patients, realizing the

necessity of providing a safe, effective, and more convenient offering for atopic dermatitis and hand eczema patients."

"Ponsus Pharma is very proud to offer Proderm Technology in a cream as well as in a foam vehicle. Both vehicles exhibit the same clinical and patient benefits leading to favorable clinical results and high level of patient satisfaction. Ponsus has been working with Quinnova Pharmaceuticals to successfully launch prescription pharmaceutical products based on Proderm Technology in the U.S. and we are searching for the ideal partner for a European collaboration." stated Lars Blak, CEO of Ponsus Pharma.

About Quinnova Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Quinnova Pharmaceuticals, Inc., founded in 2005 and based in Newtown, Pa., is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of prescription drug products, using its proprietary and innovative topical drug delivery platforms. Quinnova’s current product development activities are aimed at using already-proven safe and effective pharmaceutical ingredients and incorporating them in elegant, unique, patent-protected, customer-friendly delivery systems. This strategy is augmented by the development of medical devices increasing the current portfolio of products. Quinnova focuses on new pharmaceutical products that have a relatively short bench-to-market timeline and a low-development risk profile. Its penetration of the U.S. market is accompanied by a growing presence in the international market, mostly through a business development strategy of licensing and utilizing partners to promote Quinnova products.


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About Ponsus Pharma AB

Ponsus Pharma AB develops dermatological products based on their patented Proderm Technology® for pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and OTC companies. The water-lipid nature of the Proderm Technology allows for the ingredients to be rapidly absorbed and incorporated into the viable epidermis. Furthermore, Proderm Technology (Foam/Cream) is non-comedogenic and provides a cosmetically elegant feel in addition to ease of application because it is non-greasy and spreads easily. Unlike some topical foam preparations, Proderm Technology does not use either alcohol or other organic solvents, therefore it is well tolerated by patients. Ponsus Pharma markets their products and technology through a group of marketing partners in various countries around the world.


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