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Swedish wireless innovator Possio, announces a version of Possio SVEA II GSM Connector for the GCC countries to support their efforts in the Arabic Peninsula

Stockholm May 21 2010, Today Possio announces a version of its popular SVEA II GSM Connector with specific support for the GCC countries. Possio has invested significantly over several years to establish and develop a successful mobile fax business in the Arabic Peninsula together with their local partners. Possio invented the mobile fax in 1989 and has ever since been focusing on moving fax and other applications from the fixed telephone networks to mobile networks, often referred to as the narrow band data opportunity.

"Nobody has as much experience as we do when it comes to using mobile networks for fax and similar applications", says Mr Ralf Wittig, head of Products at Possio. "We have learnt that fax is far more important in countries where latin characters are not used, which explains our investments in geographies like China and the GCC countries." continues Mr Wittig.

Possio has a complete portfolio for fax and other mobile narrow band data applications including GRETA - a stand alone GSM fax, SVEA II - a generic robust hardware platform for connecting analog devices to mobile networks with a range of different software to solve specific problems in specific geographies, service and professional services including consulting, support and training.

"We are also about to launch a new set of cloud services in the area of remote scan and print", says Mr Ralf Wittig. "These services will enable our clients to use new types of terminals like SMS printers and remote scanners but will also complement our current fax offerings" concludes Mr Wittig.

The new version of Possio SVEA II GSM Connector will bring additional ease of use and convenience for the users including localized dial tones, thus eliminate training needs and support cases for mobile operators in the Arabic Peninsula. The GCC version of SVEA II GSM Connector is estimated to be shipping in June.

"I just came home from Mecom Expo in Abu Dhabi where we participated together with our partner GTS", says Mr Rickardh Gärdström, Sales Director Operator and Strategic Alliances at Possio. "The information that we will provide a GCC version of SVEA II was very well received by our partners and mobile operators in the region and I am confident it will help us continue to grow our business in the Arabic Peninsula," concludes Mr Gärdström.


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About Possio AB For the past 28 years Possio has been developing and marketing fixed and portable wireless products globally. We have a genuine track record of turning customer problems into relevant easy-to-use communication products for international markets. Possio is based in Sweden, the home of wireless communication, with sales offices in Beijing and Chicago. For more information please visit


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