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Environmental awarenes and branding – Green is In

Society is demanding companies today to be environmentally conscious and act accordingly.


More and more businesses therefore invest on a well developed environmental policy and continuous proactive measures based on such policy. This is why focusing on the environment has been one of ProQure’s main goals early in their business. ProQure created a business strategy adapted to the current environmental demands and this also reflected in their branding – with the color "Green".

"We are offering our customers environmental friendly products and services. In addition, we invest in always finding innovative solutions to improve our internal processes, to seek and evaluate suppliers, and to reach out to current and potential customers in the most environmental friendly way. Environmental awareness and innovation go hand in hand. ", says Ryan Eriksson, one of ProQures Co-Founder. For example, ProQure communicates externally today through various social media instead of the traditional marketing channels as direct advertising, which consumes large quantities of paper.

"Green" is associated with the environment. However, a number of successful, international and fast-growing Swedish companies that have "green" in their corporate logo are not directly associated with the environment. Spotify, Binero, Bambuser, etc. are some of these – all active within the IT business. This is because green also symbolises innovation, development and drive.

Well thought since the global community is now associating Sweden in these terms.

See also the article in Swedish @ ProQure |



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ProQure offers affordable & environmental friendly entrance mats & mat services of superior quality to the company in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm & the rest of Sweden.

Choose from different entrance mats such as standard textile mats, logo mats, red VIP carpets och scraper mats. We also offer anti-fatigue mats  och hallway mats.

ProQure takes environmental issues very seriously & that is why we have high standards for our partners & our own current environmental efforts.

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