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Mabtech IRIS™
Mabtech IRIS™

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Mabtech launches revolutionary FluoroSpot & ELISpot reader developed together with R&D partner Qamcom

Mabtech, a worldwide supplier of kits and reagents for immune monitoring, today unveil a new revolutionary FluoroSpot & ELISpot reader called Mabtech IRIS™ with their R&D partner Qamcom Research and Technology Stockholm, a Technology Application Expert. Mabtech IRIS is a spot reader with precision and accuracy previously not available in the market, creating exciting new possibilities for the research community.

Mabtech IRIS™ is purpose-built for optimized FluoroSpot and ELISpot analyses. It can identify individual cells secreting multiple cytokines with a precision and accuracy far exceeding what other competitive readers can offer due to Mabtech’s patent-pending RAWspot™ Technology. It also comes with an innovative hardware and intuitive software that brings a level of plug & play not found in other readers. Exporting data to third-party tools is easy and considerably reduces manual work and ensures secure handling of results and data.

Mabtech is a world leader in providing high-quality monoclonal antibodies and kits suitable for ELISA, ELISpot, and FluoroSpot. Challenged by the lack of accuracy in existing FluoroSpot readers, Mabtech sought to improve the analysis of FluoroSpot data with the help of researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. The result is a revolutionary spot-recognizing algorithm that can perfect the identification of co-positioned spots, as well as extract the three-dimensional volume of each individual spot.

“This improved level of performance enabled by Mabtech IRIS will open the door for researchers to elevate the understanding of immunity in fields such as cancer, infection and autoimmune disease”, said Dr. Niklas Ahlborg, CEO, Mabtech. “The accuracy, precision and analytical quantification of Mabtech IRIS™ cannot be matched by existing readers and coupled with the user-friendly interface, high quality results are guaranteed in every instance”

Mabtech IRIS™ software, hardware, and the algorithm that the RAWspot™ Technology builds upon are the collaborative results of Mabtech, the Royal Institute of Technology and Qamcom Research and Technology Stockholm, a Technology Application Expert with strong embedded systems and signal processing competence.

“Combining Mabtech’s understanding of biological applications and Qamcom’s expertise in hardware, software and signal processing, we have jointly developed a product that we are extremely proud of”, said Dr. Ann Louise Johansson, CEO, Qamcom Research and Technology Stockholm. “Our joint efforts have produced a state-of-the-art reader system with cutting-edge features.”

Key advantages:

  • RAWspotTM Technology: signal processing algorithm using captured raw data without user bias. Detects the center-points of spots in quad-color filters with a new level of accuracy and precision allowing reliable detection of cells secreting multiple analytes.
  • Plug & Play: innovative hardware and intuitive and user-friendly software which provide automated calibration and camera settings for easy-to-use and objective results.
  • Relative spot volume: the extraction of the three-dimensional volume of each spot provides information about the relative amount of analyte secreted by individual cells.
  • Advanced and extensive Excel and GraphPad Prism export: reduces the amount of work spent on data export and processing from hours to minutes.
  • Secured data and information: the use of signal processing algorithms instead of image processing algorithms on RAW data, allows an extended dynamic range, no loss of data and no need to recount spots when changing the threshold on intensity or size. Raw data is never manipulated.

In FluoroSpot analysis, different cytokines secreted by cultured immune cells are detected as spots in a 96-well plate using fluorophore labeled monoclonal antibodies. The assay is easy to perform and extremely sensitive, enabling researchers to enumerate up to 15 unique cytokine-secreting subpopulations in a quad-color FluoroSpot. It also enables multiplex analysis of immunoglobulins secreted by B-cells. The analysis of spots is performed using a camera system, LEDs of different wavelengths and fluorescent filters. Since cells secreting multiple cytokines are identified as co-positioned spots in a digital overlay of the single-fluorescent images, accuracy in spot-center detection is absolutely essential in ensuring reliable multiplexing.

“From a technological stand-point, Mabtech IRIS represents a bold innovation fostering FluoroSpot into a more robust, precise and ubiquitous immunological method”, continued Dr. Ahlborg.

For additional information please contact:

Kajsa Prokopec
IRIS Project Manager, Mabtech
Phone: +46 (0)736 634 993
Email: Kajsa.prokopec@mabtech.com

Ann Louise Johansson
CEO, Qamcom Research and Technology Stockholm
Phone: +46 (0)702 260 774
Email: annlouise.johansson@qamcom.se

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About Mabtech

Mabtech AB is a privately owned Swedish biotech company founded in 1986. We develop, manufacture, and market high-quality monoclonal antibodies and kits suitable for ELISA, ELISpot, and FluoroSpot. Because of our strong focus on research and continued efforts to optimize ELISpot and FluoroSpot, Mabtech has been a world leader in this field for many years. Our close international collaboration with both academia and industry is leading the way for future developments to help the research community achieve optimal results.

About Qamcom Research and Technology

Qamcom Research and Technology provides in-house product development of embedded systems and specialist consultancy services within Wireless Connectivity, Autonomous Systems and Industrial IoT. Founded in 2001, we employ 140 developers with either extensive industry experience or a PhD degree (35%), positioning us to be able to take on almost any kind of project, from advanced algorithm development to complete product development for serial production.We are engaged in stimulating, challenging and state-of-the-art technology, and strive to be the desired technology partner to our customers and research partners, providing value to them as well as the world.


Ann Louise Johansson

Ann Louise Johansson

Presskontakt Qamcom Research and Technology Stockholm +46702260774

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