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QuizRR strengthens local team in Bangladesh

The number of companies, brands and factories using QuizRR is steadily growing and QuizRR is therefore strengthening the organization in Dhaka, adding relevant competences to further enhance our services.

Kamrul Dewanjee and Hasan Iqbal have for years been engaged with workers right activities through various projects. They have extensive experience in working with ETI social dialogue programs and contribute with their expertise and local knowledge in developing the blended learning solution with QuizRR and JETI. They found the QuizRR training methods for educating workers, management and relevant stakeholders on employment rights and responsibilities, dialogue and engagement both interesting and effective. Seeing the potential of adding value to the development of the sector, they both decided to join QuizRR. Together with Sohan Rahman who works with CS and IT support, Kamrul and Hasan will help companies benefit from building capacity through employee training with QuizRR digital solutions.

Kamrul Ahsan Dewanjee, Head of Operations, Bangladesh

Kamrul spent more than 19 years in the private sector managing businesses in manufacturing industries in Bangladesh and around 5 years as a consultant for development sector on various aspects majorly in Textile Industries. He has extensive experience in resource efficiency management, productivity improvement, compliance to occupational health & safety and environmental aspects, people management, project management and on operational excellence. Kamrul will be Head of Operations in Bangladesh.

Hasan Iqbal, Head of Business Development, Bangladesh

Hasan brings over 20 years’ experience from private and development sectors in the scope of manufacturing, supply chain, compliance and knowledge management responsibilities. He worked extensively with RMG and textile sectors as well as the automobile and shoe sector in Bangladesh and actively collaborated with major brands and industry leading organizations in learning and sharing lessons with them. Hasan will be Head of Business Development in Bangladesh. 

Sohan Rahman, CS & IT Support, Bangladesh

Since 2016 launching period of QuizRR in Bangladesh, Sohan is supporting with continuous support as Co-ordinator in Dhaka. Previously worked in the ICT development project in Bangladesh, Sohan manages all support issues - from IT to training implementation and follow-up. He is providing quick and professional support to our customers and partners in this region.


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