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Blockhomes establish a renewable energy project in Kabonga, Africa

It is an area along the eastern part of the Lake Tanganyika and Blockhomes have now been offered the sole right to provide electricity to 31.000 households that has never been electrified before. By the shores of the Lake Tanganyika there is wind power to be exploited by wind mills, plus land for the solar power plant. Since one of Blockhomes specialties are the combination of water, wind and solar power the need for storage becomes less and therefore more economical.

The power will be distributed through a modern smart grid with an app-based pre-pay system which will ensure an effective and secure payment for Blockhomes.

- There is a small river flowing with a constant flow of 1,5 m3/s in the dry season, which in the rainy season it can be tenfold, and with a difference in altitude of more than 200 m. This river can supply a substantial part of the energy needed, says Peter Rinaldo, COO Blockhomes.


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