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Paris’s Cube on human rights will be inaugurated in Kungsträdgården, September 1

”The Cube - Every person can make a difference”

30 cubes with the human rights have been allocated to 30 schools around Sweden and abroad. Amongst Lycée D'Arsonval in Paris. This school year the students have worked with the right to “Freedom of expression”. The students have interpreted the human right and decorated the inside of the cube.

The students from Lycée D'Arsonval have worked together with their partner school Hersby gymnasium, on Lidingö, on the right to human rights. The students have recorded videos to explain the great struggles that we are facing when we have to maintain and stand up for the human rights. Watch the videos here. Now the cube will be represented in Kungsträdgården.

– On September first the 30 cubes and over 1 500 student och teachers from all over Sweden are gathered in Kungsträdgården for the inauguration. It is an important meeting point between schools and the public, plus a stand for our human rights. You can not miss this! says Philip Hjalmarsson, project leader of the Cube.

This is the first year that the Cube project has international representation. Besides from Lycée D'Arsonval, schools from Belgrad, Budapest and New York have worked with the Cube and will be represented.

The exhibition in Kungsträdgården is public and open between the 1 to 3 September 2017. The exhibition will be inaugurated by Jan Eliasson, former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, on the big stage in Kungsträdgården at 11:00am.

Facts about the Cube:

  • The Cube is about 3x3x3 meters and made of steel. Weighing about 500 kg.
  • There are 30 human rights and therefore 30 physical cubes allocated in school all around Sweden and abroad; Belgrad, Budapest, Paris and New York. Last year 30 schools and 7000 students participated.
  • With the 27 cubic meter cube of steel, students from all around the world will learn more about the human rights and dare to make a difference.
  • Together with the cube the school has gotten pedagogical material to inspire the students to be creative in their interpretation of their human right.
  • Read more about the Cube and the Academy here.

Contact details to the school:

Rättighet Skola Kontaktperson Email
Right to human rights Lycée D'Arsonval Delphine Lo Reor Anne-Laure delphlore2@laposte.netor

Contact information:

Philip Hjalmarsson, project leader for the Cube,, +4670-4210787

Raoul Wallenberg Academy, or

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