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Swedish AI startup Reedz launches Reedz Books - The world's first fully AI powered publisher.

Reedz AB (“Reedz”) today announced the launch of its AI Publishing House, Reedz Books. The mission is to use AI to enhance the ability of children worldwide through equal access to knowledge and literature.

After a successful pilot in 2022 funded by Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, and in collaboration with the National Libraries of Norway and Sweden and the World Library (“Världens Bibliotek”) with books in Arabic, Croatian, Polish, Somali, Thai and Ukrainian, Reedz is now expanding and scaling its range of books and languages.

Reedz AI-generative technology enables the publication of audiobooks and e-books in over 80 languages and mother tongues to hundreds of millions of children. The target is to grow today's three thousand books into millions in the coming years to meet the needs of the globally underserved market of multilingual non-fiction children’s books.

Reedz is growing its global reach through distribution partners and audiobook and e-book streaming services. Its books are already available at around 10,000 libraries and schools in Scandinavia through the partnership with Axiell Media (Publizon) and across 30 markets in Europe with leading streaming services such as Nextory and BookBeat.

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Swedish AI startup Reedz was founded in 2020 upon using AI to improve the world by equal access to knowledge and education and bringing people closer by building bridges between people, cultures & languages. Today, Reedz has a global footprint and serves B2B corporate clients across e-commerce, education, finance, government agencies, media, and publishing. Reedz Books is its latest initiative with the ambition to develop it into a global impact movement that will benefit hundreds of millions of children worldwide.


Helena Sjögren

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