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Von Panzer Biography

The band was formed in October 2005 by bandleader, drummer and writer of all music and lyrics; Niclas ”Klajja” Kleist. The idea was to record and gig without any intention to follow anybody else’s rules. The first member to be found was bass guitarist Marko Lehto. Shortly after Marko had joined the band a lead guitarist was found in Olof Sundfeldt. However, Marko´s time in the band was short, since he quit in the spring of 2006. Klajja, Marko and Olof did however record demos for Bullet, Working man and Trenches towards the end of 2005. A period of writing followed for band leader Klajja, while searching for suitable musicians. In october 2006 a rythm guitarist was found by name of Jimmy ”Jimbo” Petersson. The trio recorded demos for the songs The Maginot line and Loaded. The bass guitar duties were shared between Jimbo and Olof. November 2006 was on its way and this month was to be a lucky milestone since the band completed its lineup. On November the 18th Roger Svensson, from Last Temptation, joined the band to play bass guitar, and just a few days later (21 of Nov.) Andreas ”KP” Johansson joined on lead vocals. Von Panzer as a band was on its way… Roger Svensson and Von Panzer have since then went seperate ways because Roger wanted to spend more time with his own band. Von Panzer has since then had bassists that have been borrowed in. On the 21:st of April 2008 Niclas "Klajja" Kleist will release the full length CD with his band, Von Panzer. Klajja has written all music and lyrics, and produced the entire album. It has taken longer than expected to get the CD ready, but now it’s here. Previously a promo CD single, Bullet, was released on the 3rd of August 2007 with two songs that appear on the full length CD. These songs, Bullet and Working Man have been remixed for the full length CD. Links: and