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ROI acquires Effective Marketing in continued growth

Lead generation technology company, ROI Media UK, has acquired Norwegian digital marketing business, Effective Marketing. This deal marks the latest development in the business’ ambition of being the number one lead generation company in the Nordic region and UK.

ROI Media is backed by growth capital investor, BGF, which has previously invested £7 million to support the company’s expansion into key locations across the UK and Europe. This is the third acquisition since BGF first invested in ROI Media in June 2020. This deal adds £1.5 million of annual revenue and £410,000 EBITDA for ROI.

The lead generation business has experienced strong growth across its core services, alongside rapid expansion in the companies it has previously acquired, namely Raketech and Firstborn Capital. This is another strategic acquisition that expands ROI’s reach into the financial services sector and has further established its geographical presence in Norway.

Robin Kaneteg, co-founder and CEO of ROI said: “On the back of BGF’s investment, we’ve been able to continue to grow our organic customer base with key hires and make a number of complementary acquisitions which has accelerated our growth. Effective Marketing has built a good reputation and client base and we look forward to integrating the company into the wider business.”

ROI was founded as an innovative lead generation business, which allows small businesses to rent a highly optimised website to attract leads and grow sales. ROI’s proposition is scaleable across different geographies and sectors and the company is quickly building a strong foothold in financial products and services.

About BGF:

  • BGF was set up in 2011 and has invested £2.5bn in more than 400 companies, making it the most active investor in the UK.
  • BGF is a minority, non-controlling equity partner with a patient outlook on investments, based on shared long-term goals with the management teams it backs.
  • BGF invests in growing businesses in the UK and Ireland through its network of 16 offices.
  • BGF models have now been set up in Canada and Australia, with other countries evaluating the opportunity to replicate this.
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