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Photo: Sebastian Bularca
Photo: Sebastian Bularca

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The Game Incubator attends Casual Connect with three member studios

The Game Incubator is attending Casual Connect in Berlin on February 6-9, happily continuing a friendship with Indie Prize and Casual Connect Association that resulted in a media and attendance partnership since 2015.

- We will be joined by the winners of Sweden Game Conference Rookie of the Year award, Flamebait Games. Flamebait will be showcasing Passpartout, a PC game that allows you to experience the life of an artist who needs to survive by selling art, says Laura Bularca, Production Coach at The Game Incubator.

The Game Incubator will also be joined by Babloon Studios, showcasing the 2.5D action pvp party game Blowhards, and Jovian Industries, showing the optimistic strategy game about travel, Heart. Papers. Border.

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More about The Game Incubator

The Game Incubator is operated by Gothia Innovation AB that develops Gothia Science Park in Skövde with the purpose to increase growth and renewal in Skövde and the region of Västra Götaland. The Game Incubator is a government funded, non-profit organisation, with a mission to support gamedev startups in the western part of Sweden. The Game Incubator is a part of Sweden Game Arena, a platform and ecosystem for the acceleration of the game industry in Skövde, Gothenburg and the region of Västra Götaland.




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Science Park Skövde is a playground for innovation for the most important players of the future. The entrepreneurs. The Game Changers.

Science Park Skövde är en mötesplats, ett community och ett innovativt ekosystem inom IT, smart industri och spelutveckling som möjliggör framtidens hållbara lösningar, tjänster och digitala upplevelser. Genom att erbjuda en innovativ arena, där vi stöttar idéer, utveckling och tillväxt, hjälper vi företag, entreprenörer och startups att växa och lyckas så att de inte bara kan göra skillnad - utan på riktigt förändra hela spelplanen.

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