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Sweden Game Arena has two VR-rooms at GamesCom

Skövde, August 16, 2016: Sweden Game Arena is proud to announce its presence at GamesCom 2016, in Hall 4.1 section C25 with its largest booth ever including two VR-rooms.

The Sweden Game Arena booth at GamesCom is open for everyone with an interest in the Swedish gamedev scene and features two VR Demo rooms, two comfortable meeting rooms, multiple demo and PC- stations showcasing work from our member studios, as well as designated spots for selected partners.

Sweden Game Arena will be joined at GamesCom 2016 by:

  • Lone Hero Studios, winners of our internal sponsorship contest Pitch My Game for GamesCom 2016, who will showcase their latest VR project, an action-packed fighting game where you use martial art moves to cast fire, water, earth or air spells.
  • Palindrome Interactive, Pitch My Game for GamesCom 2016 runner up, showcasing their thought provoking strategy game Aversion: Sunrise
  • Mostly Harmless Games, Pitch My Game for GamesCom 2016 runner up, showcasing their funky forklift game Funklift
  • Stunlock Studios with their latest work on Battlerite, their fresh Bloodline: Champions spiritual successor
  • Huntdown, challenge yourself in this hard-boiled arcade shooter.
  • The Game Incubator, located in Skövde and Gothenburg.

In addition we will showcase an exclusive Sweden Game Conference VR Demo to visualise Arena Skövde, the new venue for the growing conference that takes place October 20-23.

More informationFor more information, please contact Magnus Ling, spokesperson for Sweden Game Arena. Tel: +46 709 644 654. Email: magnus.ling@swedengamearena.se. www.swedengamearena.com

About Sweden Game Arena
Sweden Game Arena is a platform and ecosystem for the acceleration of the game industry in Game City Skövde, in Göteborg and the West Sweden Region. We are in the unique position to encompass the entire value chain, from education and business to research and development. In the Arena, there are more than 500 game students at the Game Development Degree Programs at the University of Skövde, more than 40 researchers and lecturers, about 300 employees in more than 50 game companies in Skövde and Göteborg as well as a significant number of business developers.

About Sweden Game Conference
Sweden Game Conference is the fastest growing event of its kind in Sweden and caters to both business and academia. For 2016, SGC is composed of main international conference events on October 20 - 21 followed by a two-day Festival in our home city, Skövde. It includes, among other things, two main speaker tracks, Pitch & Match, three smaller Workshop Tracks, Expo, Cosplay competition, Open Game Jam, eSports Challenge as well as several parties.

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Kort om Gothia Science Park

Gothia Science Park är en teknik- och forskningspark med IT-profil. Den består av individer, verksamheter, miljöer och processer. I vår innovationsmiljö växer företag snabbare och mer uthålligt vilket bidrar till såväl regional attraktivitet som regional tillväxt. GSP:s fokusområde är IT och är kopplat till Högskolan i Skövde med spets inom dataspel, simulering, beslutsstöd och virtual engineering. GSP drivs och utvecklas av Gothia Innovation AB.

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A Game Changer for your business

Science Park Skövde is a playground for innovation for the most important players of the future. The entrepreneurs. The Game Changers. Science Park Skövde är en mötesplats, ett community och ett innovativt ekosystem inom IT, tech, fintech, smart industri och dataspel som möjliggör framtidens hållbara lösningar, tjänster och digitala upplevelser.

Genom att erbjuda en innovativ arena, där vi stöttar idéer, utveckling och tillväxt, hjälper vi företag, entreprenörer och startups att växa och lyckas så att de inte bara kan göra skillnad - utan på riktigt förändra hela spelplanen.

Be a Game Changer. Join the playground for innovation!

Science Park Skövde
Kanikegränd 3B
54134 Skövde