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SGN Sport Sweden continues to invest by collaborating with Sport Group Denmark

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SGN Sport Sweden continues to invest by collaborating with Sport Group Denmark

With its network with more than 200 connected stores, SGN Sport Sweden continue their successful alternative to heavily centralized chains of sporting good retail stores. To further strengthen the position of the franchise’s membership stores Team Sportia is currently selling their private brand, North Bend, to Sports Group Denmark.

North Bend Sportswear – a brand founded in Sweden 1987, has over 30 years’ experience of designing quality apparel made specifically for people with an active life style. Since 1997, the brand has been owned and managed by the sporting goods franchise Team Sportia. Ownership will now be transferred to Sports Group Denmark, who will now handle sales and production. However, the right to sell North Bend products will remain exclusive to retailers connected to SGN Sport.

- Our collaboration with Sports Group Denmark will enable an evolution of our brand. In the future, it will be even more important to focus on things that really makes differences in the stores. Through this sale we create time and resources to achieve this. We are aware of the strong potential for growth within the North Bend brand, and with such a large partner as SGD we’re securing our member’s need for a competitive quality brand, CEO of SGN Sport Sweden, Lars Palmgren, says.

Sports Group Denmark, who designs, manufactures, and distributes sporting and outdoor goods for men, women, and children are excited to begin working with their new purchase.

From the left: Thomas Adam Madsen (Area Manager, SGD), Michael Larsen (Export Manager, SGD), Lars Palmgren (CEO SGN Sport Sverige), Bjarne Jeppesen (CEO, SGD), Thomas Grankvist (Country Manager, SGD)

- This is truly the best of two worlds - a well-established brand, such as North Bend, combined with a huge network for sales and production with offices all over the world. With our effective B2B portal and our excellent possibilities for supplementation we see an enormous potential in working together with SGN Sport to improve the North Bend Brand, Sports Group Denmark founder and CEO, Bjarne Jeppesen says.


Sportringen is a local sports chain with about 150 stores in Sweden. Sportringen consists of free traders, which means that each store has its own selected and unique product range.

Team Sportia is one of Sweden's leading sports chains focusing on outdoor training such as cycling, running, active leisure and training. The first franchise store was opened in 1989 and today about 65 stores are run by dedicated retailers around Sweden.

Bike Nation is Sweden's new bicycle chain, which consists of a large number of bicycle dealers who have joined forces to offer even better service, prices and offers.

In total within SGN Sport, Sweden, there are about 250 stores spread across the country.The head office for the chains is located in Mölndal and owned by SGN Group OY.


Maria Engman

Maria Engman

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