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Interested in frictionless and great user experience?

These topics and others will be presented and discussed on the event; StrategiTorget Bank och Försäkring on the 4th and 5th of April 2017, Yasuragi Hasseludden, Stockholm. Local representatives from Signicat look forward to meet and talk at the event.

The battle to on-board

Early 2016 Signicat conducted a market research revealing some of the challenges consumers are facing when they want to change bank or buy financial services. The research showed that more than 40% abandons due to too complicated onboarding processes. Download the full report here.

Recently Chris Lemmon at FStech did a post on a new survey with same conclusions as the Signicat report – consumers will not spend more than 20 minutes on an application for financial products online.

This underlines the need for frictionless and great user experience, if you want to sell more or attract new customers for your financial services.

Take a look at some of our customer references and learn how we have helped them improve their customer experiences entering the digital age.

Contact us at Signicat if you want to optimize the customer experience while minimizing risk!


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About Signicat

Based in Trondheim, Norway, and founded in 2007, Signicat is the first and largest Identity Assurance Provider in the world, providing regulated markets with the technology to create mutual trust between organizations and their publics.

With Signicat, service providers can build and leverage existing customer credentials to connect users, devices and even ‘things’ across channels, services and markets transforming identity into an asset rather than an obstacle. By ditching manual, paper based processes and replacing them with digital identity assurance, customer onboarding is accelerated and access to services is made simple and secure. Service providers can rapidly grow market share, easily acquire new customers, and ensure compliance with financial, privacy and data protection regulations including AML and KYC.

Signicat delivers an online electronic signing service that is fast and easy to use. It allows users to sign multiple documents, upload own documents and write personal information which gets integrated in the signed documents. For organizations, this means saving time and money by automating previously manual processes and increasing self-service capabilities.

Signicat has the technology to connect the market, the expertise to scale the systems, and the experience to build the trust.