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Silvent is expanding and opening a new office in Netherlands

Press release   •   Sep 12, 2018 07:00 CEST

Anders Erlandsson, CEO at Silvent. Photo: Tobias Davidov

The compressed air company, Silvent, has expanded during the summer and opened a new sales office in Netherlands. Silvent already has offices in USA, England, France, Austria, Sweden and China. The expansion is a result of the high demand in combination with the wish to be able to offer customers even better service.

Silvent helps manufacturing companies with improved work environment and energy optimization when blowing with compressed air. Silvent’s air nozzles, air guns, silencers and custom designed air knifes for blowing with compressed air are used by manufacturing industries in more than 75 countries.

- Our new office is in Heerlen. This office will help manufacturing companies in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg with energy optimization and improving the work environment. We have noticed that there is a big interest in our products and our knowledge about blowing with compressed air. That is why we want to increase the number of offices and be able to come closer to our customers, says Anders Erlandsson, CEO at Silvent.

Two new account managers have been hired to the new office and the overall feeling after a couple of months work is good. The new account managers have adjusted to their new working roles and have gotten positive reaction from the market. Due to the positive start, and the high demand from the market, Silvent has taken the decision to employ two more account managers to the Netherlands’ office at the start of next year.

- We are growing a lot now in several markets. Except Netherlands, we have just hired at the Italian-, Austrian-, American- and English market. During this autumn, we hope to recruit a Finnish speaking account manager to our Swedish office. It is really happening a lot in all markets, which is very exciting, says Anders Erlandsson.

So far, 2018 has been a good year for Silvent and Anders can reveal that Silvent has a clear vision for future expansions. Silvent will first and fore most focus on the European market but cannot exclude future expansions outside of Europe. As soon as next year, Silvent will open the next office, in Spain.

- Our relationship with our customers is important to us. We want to have a close relationship to our customers and the ability to help with tests, installations and support. We have a lot of experience within the company, but our customer visits help us evolve and learn more within the area. This is an important part of Silvent, says Anders Erlandsson.

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Anders Erlandsson, CEO Silvent AB, phone: +46 (0)33 23 79 07

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Silvent helps manufacturers with energy optimization and improved working environment. The headquarters are located in Borås, which is where all research and development takes place. The company has unique expertise in the area of compressed air dynamics. Silvent’s products and customized solutions for blowing with compressed air are used by leading manufacturers and brands worldwide. Today, Silvent’s products are available in 77 countries, and in 2017 the company’s sales brought in SEK 136 million. Silvent is part of the Lifco group which are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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