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Come and see LPKF laser technology at MEDTEC Europe 2011 22-24 Mars

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Come and see LPKF laser technology at MEDTEC Europe 2011 22-24 Mars

Come to MEDTEC in Stuttgart, Germany and see the presentation of the LQ-Vario RT by LPKF – the leading supplier of laser plastic welding systems. The LQ-Vario RT features integrated process monitoring and a rotary indexing table for fast mechanical feed in. The cost-efficient multitalented production system satisfies the highest demands for safety and economical production.In a special version with an integrated fiber laser, this laser welding system is also perfect for the complex welding contours in microfluidic components, clear-clear joints with visible seams, and large series production. The many applications that have already been successfully realized demonstrate the high product quality.The LQ-Integration welding unit is designed to be integrated into the assembly work flow and boost production flexibility. It demonstrates how welding heads can be separated from the control cabinet – and is also used in the new clean room set up in LPKF’s Application Center.

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Solectro AB har ett brett kunskapsområde och verksamheten omfattas av försäljning och service av CNC-maskiner, tjänster och komponenter inom automation, CNC-fräsverktyg, PCB-prototyping samt dentalverktyg och Dentalfräsmaskiner CAD/CAM. Vi hjälper er med utveckling och byggnation av kundanpassade maskiner, specialmaskiner och komplettlösningar.

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