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New Stepper Motor Series from Nanotec
New Stepper Motor Series from Nanotec

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New Stepper Motor Series from Nanotec

Nanotec presents:

Over the past years, several of our competitors have improved the performance of their standard stepper motors. Basically, there are two „schools of thought“ to get more torque out of the same volume:

- Increasing the rotor diameter

This will increase the low-speed torque but decrease the high-speed torque. Since we focus on closed-loop applications that require dynamic performance, we do not want to follow this road. This method also increases the rotor inertia which means the motor is not suitable for highly dynamic applications.

- Optimizing the stator and rotor lamination (teeth form etc.) and the magnets in the rotor

This is not as straightforward as the first solution but leads to the development of motors that are stronger in the low-speed range without reducing the torque at higher speeds.

Nanotec‘s SCA56 was optimized by using the second method: We modified the lamination and the magnets but kept the rotor size and inertia identical to that of the ST5918.

Product features:

- Appr. 15-30% more torque than the ST5918 motor and most of the other standard motors on the market

- Integrated connector, therefore easy to connect to custom cables

- Three lengths: X, M and L

- A- and B-shaft (like all Nanotec motors)

- Two A-shaft versions

A: with D-Cut, 24mm shaft length and 8mm shaft diameter (comparable to Oriental PKP)

A2: no D-Cut,20.6mm shaft length and 6.35mm shaft diameter (comparable to ST5918)




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