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The world’s leading Champagne expert Richard Juhlin launches a new Master Class on Starflow

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Starflow now adds to its library of successful online courses with a new series on gastronomy. The first series this autumn is a Champagne Master Class with Richard Juhlin. In 14 episodes, you will immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Champagne and discover its secrets and taste sensations under the guidance of the wine’s greatest connoisseur.

Through fascinating and entertaining tutelage in Starflow’s latest Master Class, one of the world’s most trend-setting Champagne connoisseurs, Richard Juhlin, sheds light on gastronomy’s most exclusive beverage, Champagne. “For the first time in my career,” says Richard, “I have found the time and opportunity to share my know-how and experience in an informative and basic thorough online course.” 

David Gabor, Starflow’s CEO, says the company is “incredibly proud to collaborate with an expert like Richard.”

The online course walks us through the entire process of Champagne production, showing us the chalky earth where the grapes grow and introducing the great Champagne houses’ producers. Richard takes us step by step through production, demonstrating the various processes that make this refreshment unique. We are supplied with important basic facts to help us understand Champagne’s characteristics. A vital and popular part of the course is tasting, demonstrated through Richard’s own test protocol with extremely detailed instructions. “Through learning the wine’s broad spectrum,” says Richard, “it becomes obvious how Champagne can either be a solo star or can combine with different foods. Even the interplay with external factors will affect the experience, for example when you are in magnificent surroundings. I call it ‘Champagne hiking’.”

Champagne Master Class with Richard Juhlin offers a unique opportunity to discover the Champagne district and the wine’s qualities through a master.

In this series, we see through Richard’s career that the road to our dreams need not always follow a traditional path. Countless awards, among them France’s grandest accolade, the Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur, founded by Napoleon in 1802, the spotlight has been turned northwards, where Stockholm-born Richard Juhlin has accumulated the most comprehensive knowledge of Champagne. As the founder of The Richard Juhlin Champagne Club and author of several books, Richard Juhlin is currently the world’s most popular lecturer on his subject.

This autumn, Starflow will introduce several more gastronomy courses.


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