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Mobility, exchange of competencies, fostering entrepreneurship and creative industries are some of the important issues to be focused on when prominent representatives of 11 Baltic Metropolises meet in Stockholm on the 4th and 5th of May for discussions concerning the future of the region’s labour markets. “New Labour Markets in the Baltic Metropolises-Mobility, Integration and Entrepreneurship” Conference is organised by the The Baltic Metropoles Network in cooperation with the European Conference Urban Futures 2.0 More than 30 top experts from academies, municipalities and business organisations in Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Malmö, Oslo, Riga, S:t Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw and London will discuss the new economic driving forces present in the major cities and their ability to attract people and investments. Riga is the Chair City of the BaltMet in 2006 – 2007. The Mayor of Riga, Mr Aivars Aksenoks is the key-note speaker of the conference. The outstanding guest speakers, including Prof. Jüri Engelbrecht, President of All European Academies, Mr Tim Rogers, the London based expert on student recruitment and Prof. Arto Luukkanen, Director of the Finnish Russian Cross Border University, will discuss the importance of academic exchange and the necessity of competing for talents. Dr Helge Neuman, Berlin Adlershof and Ola Björkman, Stockholm Bio Science will introduce the new generation of science parks with their modern infrastructure for innovation and high-tech. Creative industries, the increasing attractiveness of cities and the creation of new working places for young urban citizens will be the subjects centred on by Dr. Roberts Kilis, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Ms Dilek Ayhan, Oslo Teknopol and Mr Jan Åhman, Association Färgfabriken in Stockholm. Ms Dina Kristina Kesic from the EVU Centre in Copenhagen will introduce Denmark’s innovative methods of fostering ethnic entrepreneurship and of immigrant integration. Science and technology diminishing gaps Science, technology and know-how are the key competitive advantages of the Baltic Sea Region, which today is ranked as one of Europe’s leading regions regarding economic development and innovation. Mobility and the efficient integration of these resources ensure a sustainable development of the area as a whole, as well as diminishing economic, technological and social gaps. The integration of minorities and ethnic entrepreneurship provides an excellent opportunity of finding innovative solutions for successful socio-economic development. The bringing together of science and business helps to accelerate the implementation of new scientific achievements. Please see the programme at: and Welcome to the conference! Plenary session: May 4, 09.00-11.00 Norra Latin, Music Hall Workshop 1: May 4, 14.30-17.30 Kulturhuset, Sthms Akademiska Forum Workshop 2: May 4, 14.30-17.30 Kista Science Tower Workshop: 3, 4: May 5, 09.00–11.00 Folkets Hus Baltic Metropoles Network The organiser of the conference, unites 11 capitals and major cities from countries situated around the Baltic Sea. It was established in 2002 to secure co-operation in the field of competitiveness and economic integration in the Baltic Sea Region. For further information please contact: Ms Julija Berkovica Head of Secretariat Baltic Metropoles Network City of Riga Telephone:+371 9711 721 E-mail: Ms Irena Lundberg Project Manager Stockholm Business Region Telephone: +46 (0)8 508 28 011 +46 70 4728011 E-mail:


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