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Boats were made to be shared – why did it take so long?

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Boats were made to be shared – why did it take so long?

Sharing is caring - for the environment, the mind and the wallet

Sharing has been a key feature for Strana Electric Boats since the start. With the app as digital key, giving remote key invitation to family and friends were already an option in the first revision; and it's been highly appreciated.

However, now to MY2023 we release a new section of the app, all about sharing, expanding it to greater use and function – "Boat pool".

Boat sharing companies already exist you say – Yes, and they are great; but here the we let the owner of a Strana 23 create their own sharing concept. Your mind sets the limits to what you could do – we just gave you the tool (and the perfect boat to match).

“I love boat sharing as a concept and from a sustainable environmental point of view it’s a winner. Being able to support sustainability from many angles, not only the powertrain, feels fantastic."

Axel Martin Eriksson
Strana Software Architect

Ideas to consider

  • Buy a boat with some friends, family or neighbors! Split the investment, share the maintenance and only need to find one boat berth. The app control who uses it and when; and makes sure you all have equal chance to the sunny Saturdays.
  • Do your employees deserve some special benefit? A company boat with easy booking system for all to use could perhaps fuse the spirit. 
  • Make your Strana boat a good business case, by renting it out when you don’t use it (which is probably most of the time) – the app calendar show when the boat is available for others (invited pool-people).
  • Do you have sea view housing cooperative? Wouldn’t it be great to have a boat at the dock to share? And no one needs to take it to the gas-station.
  • Is your Hotel, Restaurant or business waterfront? Treat your guests/customers with a luxury option. Perhaps the next door business is interested as well. The app requires you to state the status of the boat at start and finish of a booked session and let you report any deviations.

The general idea is: It is not sustainable that everyone has their own boat. Study shows an average owner uses their boat less than 8 times a year. But all need a berth, all need winter storage, and to many uses bad antifouling etc. However, more people should have the opportunity and the luxury of boating - especially in a Strana 23 - then they need to share.

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Joakim Carlsson

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Arne Lindström

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