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The world’s first research portal for recycled tyre rubber

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The world’s first research portal for recycled tyre rubber

With the support of international organisations in tyre recycling, Swedish Tyre Recycling (“SDAB”) has implemented the End-of-Life Tyre Research Portal (ELTRP), the world’s first research portal for recycled tyre rubber. Recycled tyre rubber is a thoroughly researched material, and the new research portal fulfils a need by collecting scientific facts about the material in an accessible and efficient manner.

Recycled tyre rubber is a material surrounded by perceptions and questions regarding its content and utility. This is an issue that the industry, in general, and Swedish Tyre Recycling specifically, consistently address. The End-of-Life Tyre Research Portal (ELTRP) is a vital tool in addressing the knowledge demand concerning the material.

- Throughout the journey, it has become evident that perceptions often stem from a lack of information and knowledge, while there hasn’t been an easily accessible source of information about the material. The presence of ELTRP is fundamental for both the industry and for politicians, authorities, media, and the public, says Fredrik Ardefors, CEO of Swedish Tyre Recycling.

The research portal ELTRP enables easy and efficient retrieval of desired information and scientific facts about the material. Key focus areas encompass chemical composition, performance, material usage, health and the environment, and products. The portal also includes a glossary of terms commonly found in reports on recycled tyre rubber. The content in ELTRP is managed by Swedish Tyre Recycling in collaboration with a postdoctoral researcher (Ph.D.) who processes incoming reports and, following review, makes them searchable in the system. The technology and development behind the research portal are provided by the Swedish IT consulting company Sunstone Systems.

- ELTRP has been established through close collaboration between Swedish Tyre Recycling and Sunstone Systems. In the development of ELTRP, Sunstone Systems’ extensive experience in delivering search systems for clients such as the Swedish Royal Library and several well-known media companies has been of great value, says Rikard Johansson, CEO of Sunstone Systems.

The research portal is built upon an advanced search engine that enables searching of both metadata and full-text reports. Swedish Tyre Recycling’s high standards for structured metadata management in both English and the original languages ensure that searching in ELTRP is straightforward and powerful.

- The portal contributes to enhancing the ability to use the material safely and securely for both humans and the environment, based on the inherent properties of the material. It is a tool that supports the building and strengthening of trust in recycled tyre material and the industry, says Fredrik Ardefors.

ELTRP is open and accessible to all and will be regularly updated. Contributions of relevant research in the field are encouraged and welcomed to develop ELTRP into the central research portal for recycled tyre material.

To the portal - https://eltrp.org/

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        Fredrik Ardefors

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