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We strongly condemn attack on health clinic in Afghanistan

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, SCA (Svenska Afghanistankommittén, SAK) strongly condemns an attack the night between July 8-9 on one of our health facilities in the Tangi Saidan area of Daimirdad district in Wardak province. Four people are confirmed dead and one is missing.

- This is a shocking violation against international humanitarian law and we urge warring parties to immediately stop targeting civilians and health facilities, says Dr Khalid Fahim, programme Director at The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, SCA (Svenska Afghanistankommittén, SAK).

According to SCA sources the attack was carried out by ANSF forces. When the forces were entering the building, they killed one person who was accompanying a patient. Four more people were then detained and taken outside the building and three, amongst them two SCA-employees, were later found shot dead approx. 50 meters from the facility and the fourth person who is SCA employee still missing.

Such outrageous use of force against civilians and health facilities constitutes a serious violation of applicable international humanitarian law and it affects provision of health services delivery to the people in the local community.

- We demand an independent investigation, preferably in cooperation with impartial humanitarian international organizations. Our priority is to serve people in the community, to help young and old, sick and injured, no matter religion or political standpoint, says Dr Shah Mahmood, SCA acting country director

The Comprehensive Health Clinic in Tangi Saidan is run by SCA and financed by the Afghan Public Ministry of Health. In 2018 over 2,9 million patients were consulted by SCA health care activities. Despite the attack, SCA will still work for a better future for Afghanistan where human rights are respected and all citizens live in dignity, enjoy equal opportunity and social justice.

For more information please contact:

Parwiz Ahmad Faizi, Communications Manager

Tel: 0093 (0) 700 17 20 28


Kajsa Waaghals, kommunikationsrådgivare i Kabul, +93 70 723 2628,,

Shah Mahmood, finanschef och tf landchef Afghanistan,

Ahmad Khalid Fahim, programchef Afghanistan, +93799308756, (engelsktalande)

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, SCA (Svenska Afghanistankommittén, SAK) works for an Afghanistan free from poverty, violence and discrimination.SCA have been active in Afghanistan for more than thirty years and have more than 6 000 employees working in different parts of the country.

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Svenska Afghanistankommittén arbetar med förändring i ett av världens farligaste länder.

SAK är en medlemsbaserad bistånds- och solidaritetsorganisation som arbetar rättighetsbaserat, och som har arbetat i nästan 40 år i Afghanistan.

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