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Mia Lehtonen Madsen, Kirsten Vikingstad Hermansson, William Liljeblad
Mia Lehtonen Madsen, Kirsten Vikingstad Hermansson, William Liljeblad

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Presenting the winners of Ung Svensk Form 2024!

Futuristic folklore, heavy soap bubbles and versatile modules with flexible joints – Ung Svensk Form 2024 features everything from childbirth instructions to zero waste with maximum design. Here are this year's winners in Ung Svensk Form!

On February 6, Ung Svensk Form 2024 will premiere in the Greenhouse at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. As usual, the sources of inspiration are boundless. From outfits with astronomical signs to a chaise longue with shapes resembling sleeping seals and the history of the Orsa costume from finery to a scrub bucket. Add gardens adorned with earth and sand, a sculptural exploration of colonial connotations, and a costume construction with silhouettes enough for an entirely new body language, and you get a taste of the energy that permeates the young creative scene today.

– The winners of this year's Ung Svensk Form exhibit high design quality and creative problem-solving. They dare to experiment, question, and challenge, and they do it with a sense of detail, material, and aesthetics. They are not just young Swedish designers; they are also young Swedish designers with a sustainable vision, says Björn Nordin, CEO of Svensk Form (formerly Head of Architecture and Design at Svensk Trä).

Opening and Scholarship Award
On February 6 at 10:00, we will inaugurate the exhibition in Greenhouse – the fair's most international and visionary area. The opening is followed by the awarding of Ung Svensk Form scholarships. The scholarships offer the recipient a direct and tangible experience of the industry and include work, travel, and exhibition scholarships from IKEA of Sweden, Kvadrat, PostNord Frimärken, Röhsska Museet, and Dynamo Väst, Stiftelsen för Garverinäringens Främjande, Stockholm Furniture Fair, String Furniture and Swedish Wood.

– Every year, I am equally humble in the face of the overwhelming number of applications we receive for Ung Svensk Form. Among the fraction presented through the jury's selection, you can see the courage, honest striving, and creative power that characterize young creators today. They grapple with important issues but do so with inspiration and joy – the results show how the opportunity for change is never more than a thought away, says Karin Wiberg, project manager for Ung Svensk Form.

Ung Svensk Form 2024 Winners
Every year, Svensk Form receives hundreds of applications for the award and the touring exhibition. An eminent independent jury carries out the thorough work of selecting the exhibition. Together, the winners represent the most thought-provoking and innovative aspects of the young design scene today.

The winners of Ung Svensk Form 2024 are:
Sebastian Alneskog
Johanna BomanPeople of Reality
Josefin BravoThe Exhale Infection
Jessica BrobergOrnamental Obsession
Vincent DumayThree Column Garden
Karl EkdahlMaterials in Tension
Wasim HarwillA house without a date palm is not a home
Anna Herrmann
Fifty shades of rothkohl
Ellen HällebrandAn Extended Demolition Permit
Hanna JohanssonPETAL
Kelly KoningsHybrid forms of dressing
Karoline KvistGame on
Mia Lehtonen MadsenThe Sky is the Mirror
William LiljebladAlmis
Ola LindgrenCommunity Press
Mårten MalmnäsPlate Pal
Malin NorbergWhen The Exit sign Shines Brighter Than Welcome
Sophie Olsson JoofRhymes for losing and longing
Emilie Palle Holm[ O R I O R I ] :: folding woven textile
Malin Parkegrenspeedrun
Charlotte Samuelsson & Matilda Lindstam NilssonSällskap
Kirsten Vikingstad HermanssonNew World Regalia
Jovan VulicLIV - Labour Training and Preparation Solution
Amanda WisselgrenImagine:

The jury for Ung Svensk Form 2024 is composed of: Samir Alj Fält, Parasto Backman, Caroline B. Le Bongoat (juryns ordförande), Olivia Berkowicz, Linnéa Therese Dimitriou, Johanna Sjögren Duthy, Sandra Frank, Jonas Fridén Kihl, Demian Horst, Magnus Ingerstedt, Åsa Jungnelius, Anna Lidström, Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, Petra Lilja, Tor Lindstrand (juryns ordförande), Björn Nordin, Johanna Magoria, Bea Szenfeld, Andreas Säfström och Mats Widbom.

Tour 2024
After the exhibition period in the Greenhouse at Stockholmsmässan, Ung Svensk Form 2024 continues its tour. See the tour schedule below.

• February 6-10: Opening in the Greenhouse during the Stockholm Furniture Fair
• February 29 – April 7: Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg
• May 23 – 26: Form/Design Center: Lokstallarna during Southern Sweden Design Days
• June 15 – August 18: Sara Kulturhus in Skellefteå
• September 12 – October 20: IKEA Museum in Älmhult
• November 16 – January 19, 2025: Röhsska Museet in Gothenburg

About Ung Svensk Form:
Since Ung Svensk Form started in 1998, the jury-evaluated award and traveling exhibition have evolved into Sweden's most important forum for designers early in their careers. Today, the exhibition serves as a meeting place where designers, industry, the public, and media converge around contemporary issues and how design can be part of the solution.

The exhibition Ung Svensk Form / Young Swedish Design 2024 is a co-production between Svensk Form and Dunkers kulturhus. The project is presented in association with IKEA of Sweden, IKEA Museum, The City of Malmö, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Swedish Wood and a raft of scholarship providers and exhibition organizers.

For more information, please contact:
Karin Wiberg, project manager, Ung Svensk Form
+46 (0)70 365 63 25

Elin Seittu, communication manager, Svensk Form
+46 (0)72 323 31 48


Svensk Form är en ideell oberoende medlemsförening för privatpersoner, företag och yrkesverksamma inom form, design och arkitektur. Föreningen grundades 1845 som Svenska Slöjdföreningen och har sedan dess främjat design i Sverige och utomlands. Svensk Form ger ut tidningen Form sedan 1905.

I samtiden sedan 1845

Svensk Form är en ideell oberoende medlemsförening för privatpersoner, företag och yrkesverksamma inom form, design och arkitektur. Föreningen grundades 1845 som Svenska Slöjdföreningen och har sedan dess främjat design i Sverige och utomlands. Svensk Form ger ut tidningen Form sedan 1905.

Svensk Form
Svensksundsvägen 13
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