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Ola Lindgren, Mia Lehtonen Madsen, Anna Herrmann
Ola Lindgren, Mia Lehtonen Madsen, Anna Herrmann

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The Scholarship Winners of Ung Svensk Form 2024

A pavilion’s facade that unfolds into a parasol, a nutrient-rich dye of algae and turmeric and weaving instructions calculated based on the alignment of the stars – the winners of this year's Ung Svensk Form scholarships exude the very embodiment of craftsmanship and creative joy!

Ung Svensk Form 2024 kicks off today at the Greenhouse division of the Stockholm Furniture Fair, along with the announcement of this year's scholarship recipients. The dynamic approach of the award fosters continuous development, and this year we are thrilled to congratulate a total of 16 outstanding winners! Our latest donor addition, PostNord Stamps, offer low technology with high relief, “stamped” conversations and an embellished delve into crispy rose-painting.

– Ung Svensk Form continues to thrive. In a time marked by significant challenges, it is inspiring to witness the creativity and experimental spirit that the young and vibrant design community brings forth. With a focus on craftsmanship, deep material knowledge and courage, this year's recipients address several pressing issues, proving their potential to drive meaningful change, says Caroline B Le Bongoat, jury chairperson for Ung Svensk Form along with Tor Lindstrand, business development manager at the City of Malmö, co-owner of LLP Architects and lecturer at Konstfack.

Ung Svensk Form 2024 Scholarship Winners
Beyond algae dyes, astrological textile dimensions and pavilions with foldable facades, we also find furniture joined without nails, community templates in ash, oak and leather, and a sleek comeback for Gotlandian trees that have fallen victim to the Dutch elm disease… Here are the winners of 2024!

IKEA are offering one Ung Svensk Form nominee a work scholarship at IKEA of Sweden, which runs for five months complete with salary and accommodations in Älmhult. The IKEA Scholarship 2024 goes to Mia Lehtonen Madsen for her project The sky is the mirror.

– With a strong, symbolic and emotional collection, Mia explores the possibilities within analogue and digital crafts in handwoven rope and digital jacquard-woven garments, a combination of technology and craftsmanship that is truly touching, says Eva Lilja Löwenhielm and Johan Ejdemo, Design Managers at IKEA of Sweden.

Kvadrat are offering a scholarship consisting of a cash sum and the chance to hold an exhibition in Kvadrat's showroom in Stockholm. The Kvadrat Scholarship 2024 goes to Karl Ekdahl for his project Materials in Tension.

– Materials in Tension caught our eyes for its simplicity and honesty. The product is designed in a way that creates curiosity and makes us want to see and understand how it is assembled, where the textile is clearly part of the structure and function. At Kvadrat, we appreciate design with innovation, and these aspects are always present in our product development, says Kristoffer Magnusson Wahl, Country Director at Kvadrat.

PostNord Stamps
PostNord Stamps have chosen three scholarship recipients to do a paid sketch assignment, where each winner receives a sketch fee equivalent to 20,000 SEK. Like icons such as Elsa Beskow, Lasse Åberg and Ingrid Vang Nyman, the winner then has the chance to be commissioned to design a series of stamps for PostNord Stamps. The PostNord Stamps Scholarship 2024 goes to Jessica Broberg for her project Ornamental Obsession, Ola Lindgrenfor his project The Community Press and Wasim Harwill for his project A house without a date palm is not a home.

– Through their different perspectives and visual expressions, these three scholarship recipients have the potential to develop and renew stamp design. In the encounter between traditional patterns and new materials, in the unique values of analogue communication in our digital world, and in the stamp as an enabler, we see three exploratory approaches to a multifaceted sketching method, says Kristina Olofsdotter, Head of PostNord Stamps.

Röhsska Museet and Dynamo Väst
Through paid employment at the Röhsska Museum with partners from the Dynamo Väst network, one scholarship winner will have the chance to learn the key roles that designers and artists play in the public environment. The Röhsska Museum and Dynamo Väst Scholarship 2024 goes to Hanna Johansson for her project Petal.

– Simple and sophisticated, Petal speaks the language of function, beauty and responsibility. The structure is a response to how we can better develop public meeting places. We look forward to exploring important issues related to the designed living environment and New European Bauhaus together with Hanna, the Dynamo Väst network and our visitors, says Nina Due, museum director at the Röhsska Museum.

Swedish Tanners
All Ung Svensk Form participants, as well as a number of new members, are invited on a workshop trip to one of Sweden's four tanneries, during which they have the chance to apply for two 3-5-day work scholarships, each worth 20,000 SEK.

– When young creativity and a traditional industry meet, ideas and thoughts arise that are challenging and transformative for both parties. Through our collaboration with Ung Svensk Form, we see opportunities for the development and renewal of a natural material that communicates circular economy – upcycling. A material that we humans have used and appreciated since ancient times, says Anders Bengtsson, chairman of Swedish Tanners.

Stockholm Furniture Fair
The winner of this scholarship will exhibit separately in their own booth at Greenhouse 2025. The Stockholm Furniture Fair Scholarship 2024 goes to Emilie Palle Holm for her project [ O R I O R I ] :: folding woven textile.

– The Greenhouse jury have made their choice among Ung Svensk Form's participants, and we are pleased to take Emilie Palle Holm
to the next level in her career as a designer with a booth at next year’s Greenhouse, says Jennifer Gröhn, Project Manager, Greenhouse. Greenhouse is a springboard for tomorrow's designers and has been a natural starting point for many successful careers. We wish Emilie Palle Holm the best of luck and look forward to welcoming her to Greenhouse 2025.

String Furniture
This scholarship includes a cash sum and the chance to develop a prototype into a finished product, as well as to participate in String Furniture's booth at one of the upcoming major furniture fairs. The String Furniture Scholarship 2024 goes to Anna Herrmann for her project fifty shades of rotkohl.

– Fifty shades of rotkohl is an interesting and relevant experiment with natural dyes and pigments, creating a new aesthetic and increasing sustainability. It is a method based on plant-based materials like turmeric, algae – even red cabbage (rotkohl in German) whose colour variations depend on the components' pH value, says Bo Hellberg, CMO at String Furniture.

Swedish Wood
Winners of this scholarship are offered an inspirational and educational four-day trip through central Sweden. During the trip, they will learn about the importance of the forest and its interaction throughout the value chain. The Swedish Wood Scholarship 2024 goes to:

Anna Herrmann – fifty shades of rotkohl
Annika ToijanenPieces
Carolina Weigl – Ödel-bänken Calango
Hanna Johansson Petal
Karl Ekdahl Materials in Tension
Karoline Kvist Game On
Simon Kempe Loggia
William Liljeblad Almis

– We believe that our societal development requires knowledge of circular and bio-based materials, which we want to convey to the next generation. Our collaboration with Ung Svensk Form is part of this effort, says Anna Ryberg Ågren, Director of Swedish Wood.

All winners of Ung Svensk Form 2024 along with the jury's statements can be found on ungsvenskform.se. Press images for all entries can be found HERE.

Tour 2024
Following the exhibition period at Greenhouse, Ung Svensk Form 2024 will embark on its tour according to the below schedule.

The exhibition Ung Svensk Form 2024 is a co-production between Svensk Form and Dunkers Kulturhus. The project is carried out in collaboration with IKEA of Sweden, IKEA Museum, the City of Malmö, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Swedish Wood and a long list of scholarship donors and exhibition organisers.

For further details about the Ung Svensk Form project, please contact:

Karin Wiberg, Project Manager, Ung Svensk Form
+46 (0)70 365 63 25

Elin Seittu, Communications Manager, Svensk Form
+46 (0)72 323 31 48


Svensk Form är en ideell oberoende medlemsförening för privatpersoner, företag och yrkesverksamma inom form, design och arkitektur. Föreningen grundades 1845 som Svenska Slöjdföreningen och har sedan dess främjat design i Sverige och utomlands. Svensk Form ger ut tidningen Form sedan 1905.

I samtiden sedan 1845

Svensk Form är en ideell oberoende medlemsförening för privatpersoner, företag och yrkesverksamma inom form, design och arkitektur. Föreningen grundades 1845 som Svenska Slöjdföreningen och har sedan dess främjat design i Sverige och utomlands. Svensk Form ger ut tidningen Form sedan 1905.

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