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Geely signs strategic agreement with SystemWeaver.

SystemWeaver and Geely Auto Group (Geely) signs a 5-years strategic agreement to secure, manage and automate the ever-increasing software content in future car models. In addition to adding a large number of users (licenses) to their existing installed base of SystemWeaver tools, Geely will also work with SystemWeaver to implement new and innovative software development tools for managing Cybersecurity, Functional Safety, and Adaptive AutoSar.

Marcus Ingvar, VP of Sales and Marketing at SystemWeaver, says in a comment: “We have been working with Geely for many years and with the agreement, we deepen and strengthen this relationship even further. Geely has been the benchmark in China for many years and is today also a technology house globally. We are proud to be a trusted partner to yet another industry leader as they look to SystemWeaver to secure, enhance and automate their software development.”

As part of the agreement, Geely will be the reference and development partner for new and innovative features to handle Cybersecurity and Adaptive AutoSar with SystemWeaver. As the automotive industry is up for one of the largest challenges in decades, with increased electrification, autonomy, and connectivity, this agreement between Geely and SystemWeaver will bring new and innovative ways of managing the complexity in software development.


  • Computer security

True compliance is challenging when you need to handle multiple data sources with high complexity and conduct threat analysis and risk assessment on multiple levels. SystemWeaver makes it easy to maintain up-to-date documentation and stay compliant with ISO 21434. For 20 years, we’ve worked to make life easier for development teams managing increasingly complex environments in the digital transformation of system engineering. SystemWeaver delivers integrated information management and effective communication for fast-paced agile workflows.


Marcus Stekeberg Ingvar

Press contact VP Sales and Marketing +46 735 266484