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Halkade och dog i sin hall.

With a new issue coming out every six weeks, T-post is the worlds first T-shirt Magazine. Every issue has a news story printed on the inside and a visual interpretation made by a select designer on the outside.

Issue # 40 "Cease the...Doh!"
"Live every day like it's your last." You've heard that before, right? But how does it make you feel? Stressed? Inspired? And what does it mean exactly; how do you truly live each day like it's your last? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are people. And that question is one that we've tried to answer throughout history. With that said, there's one guy on record for having a very clear idea of what carpe diem meant to him. His name was Dave Freeman and "You should live every day like it would be your last. And there's not that many people who do", was something that he was known for saying (More>>

"Cease the...Doh!" is design by Esra Røise
Luckily, Norwegian illustrator Esra Røise never did pursue her other career option of being a pastry chef. Because although she is unnaturally interested in cupcakes, illustration is what she is doing best. Especially when she is using a romantic and time consuming medium such as very detailed pencil drawings to capture snap-shot like moments in time.

And the juxtaposition of fast living and slow drawing not only looks great, it also happens to go really well with the theme for this issue.

About T-post
T-shirts inspire conversation, and when you add a story behindthem, you get people thinking. By combininga news magazine with a T-shirt we're able to utilize theattention and commitment accustom to the ‘fashion world' whilecommunicating interesting news topics. And by putting the written story on the inside of the shirt just for the subscriber to read, the subscriber is really the one communicating the story and getting it to spread outside the T-post circle. Since the article is not usually in-handy while wearing the T-shirt, it really becomes there interpretation of the story, which is even more interesting to hear about we think. It's all part of us trying to re-wire the structures ofnews communication in a strive to get people engage inimportant topics.

"What's fascinating about T-post is the interaction it creates. Nobody asks you about the article you just read in the bathroom. But if you're wearing an issue of T-post, people tend to ask what it's about. The next thing you know, you're talking about the ethical treatment of robots or some bank robbers in Brazil who got away with 45 million bucks. You're forming your own opinion, getting someone else to think about the topic, and it just keeps going from there. It all started out as an experiment. Today we're sending our issues to over 50 countries said Peter Lundgren Editor-in-Chief at T-Post.

A subscription to T-post costs 26 EUR per T-shirt, and can be delivered anywhere in the world. All shipping costs are included in that price. For more information please visit or/and contact us at


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