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Taiwanesisk general skyldig till spionage

Taiwan Today rapporterar om att Taiwans Militära högsta domstol dömt den tidigare generalmajoren Lo Hsien-che till livstids fängelse. Domstolen har dömt Lo skyldig till spionage efter att ha sålt hemligheter till Fastlandskina och äventyrat den nationella säkerheten.

Nedan, nyheten i fulltext:

Disgraced former ROC general gets life for spying

The ROC Military Supreme Court sentenced former Maj. Gen. Lo Hsien-che to life imprisonment July 25 for selling secrets to mainland China and jeopardizing national security.

Lo violated Article 17 of the Criminal Code of the Armed Forces, which stipulates that acts of espionage committed by ROC military personnel are punishable by death or life imprisonment.

But as Lo confessed during investigations and returned all monies paid by mainland China, the court elected to hand him the lighter penalty, said a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense.

Lo is Taiwan’s highest ranking military officer to be convicted of spying for mainland China in 50 years.

 The ex-director of the army’s information and communications bureau admitted to disclosing confidential military information to mainland China on at least five occasions. In return, he received payments of NT$5 million (US$173,749).

Lo was recruited by mainland China in 2004 while serving as a military attache in Bangkok between 2002 and 2005.

Earlier reports suggested Lo fell prey to a mainland Chinese “honeypot” operative, but he denied this, claiming that threats to release photographs of him in compromising positions with local prostitutes bought his allegiance to Beijing.

The MND spokesman said Lo is yet to decide whether he will exercise his right to appeal the court’s decision.


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