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Tallbergs förlag och Camilla Gisslow gör dokumentär om trans- och intergenderpersoner

A crowdfunding event!

TRANSFORMING is the working title of the documentary about the life of young kids who identify themselves as trans or intergender and their parents that will go through the journey together. This film will adress topics as gender and identity, and searching for an answer to the question "how can I help my kid go through this transition as smoothly as possibly?"

What is TRANSFORMING - Transkids and their parents?19 years ago, Sam at the age of 5 comes out as trans and embark on his own journey together with his mother Camilla Gisslow. Camilla started her company TRANSFORMING and has since then travelled around to hold lecture about social norms and my kid is trans - what know?

Camilla is going to be the director of this documentary. She will take us on a journey with some families that has been going through the same struggles as she. It will also teach us about humanity, love, and how to respect. We want to open your eyes for what we feel is the most natural thing in the world.

We would be forever grateful for your support in this project since it's so important to educate and talk about these subjects.

Why we need your help!The project has been self-financed from the moment we started talking about the project. We were really passionate about telling this story. To make it to the final cut to properly tell the families stories and edit the movie without having to think about sponsors from big companies, so that we can tell the raw truth it needs to be done properly. The filming, the music, the cutting, the post-production - everything are going to very costly, and we will not be able to finish this without your support.

Your donation DOES helpEvery year the suicide numbers of transkids are raising. We are not happy about that. If we, with this documentary can show these kids that life will get better, there is a chance, than you have contributed to that.

Marcus Tallberg, producer, has done 2 successfull crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter. This project is even better, because YOU are a part of it


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Tallbergs Förlag är ett snabbt växande företag med många bollar i luften. Vi tror på mångfald och kvalité. Vi vill finnas till för dem som har drömmar om att jobba kreativt men inte riktigt vet var dem kan vända sig. Leta inte längre!


Marcus Tallberg

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