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Tallink Grupp's vessel Star. Photo by Tallink Grupp
Tallink Grupp's vessel Star. Photo by Tallink Grupp

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Tallink Grupp’s vessel Star departs to Sassnitz, Germany tonight at 18.00 Estonian time

There will be enough room for both passenger vehicles, buses and cargo on the first departures from Tallinn tonight and Sassnitz tomorrow – so everyone who wants to travel on those departures is encouraged to contact Tallink Cargo urgently today and make the bookings.

Tallink Grupp’s vessel Star will today, 19 March 2020 temporarily start to operate between Estonia and Germany to ensure continuing transportation of goods between the Baltic and the Nordics and western Europe. The vessel will start to operate between the ports of Paldiski in Estonia and Sassnitz in Germany. The transportation service has been requested by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication.

Star will depart for its first trip to Sassnitz from Tallinn Old City Harbour at 18.00 today, 19 March 2020. After the first trip, Star will arrive at Paldiski Harbour and all future departures and arrivals will be at the Paldiski Harbour.

Star will depart from Paldiski to Sassnitz every other day at 20.00 local time and from Sassnitz every other day at 19.00 local time. The journey time between Paldiski and Sassnitz is approximately 20 hours.

The departures for the next week will be as per below:

19 March 2020 - Tallinn Old City Harbour

20 March 2020 – Sassnitz

21 March 2020 Paldiski

22 March 2020 Sassnitz

23 March 2020 Paldiski

24 March 2020 Sassnitz

25 March 2020 Paldiski

26 March 2020 Sassnitz

The vessel’s cargo capacity is 100 lorries and 10 passenger vehicles. The ship can transport up to 330 passengers per trip. Passengers with vehicles will be allowed to travel on Star, providing they have the right to enter the country at the destination port and there is capacity for passengers. Passengers without vehicles will not be allowed on board. Food and medical supplies transport will be prioritised during the booking process.

Accommodation for everyone travelling with Star will be provided in cabins.

Booking for Star can be made via Tallink Cargo customer services in Estonia:

E-mail: booking.cargo@tallink.ee

Tel. +372 612 8686

Faks +372 631 8222

Call centre open:

M-F 08.00–20.00

Weekend: 10.00–18.00

Cargo customer services in Latvia:

Tālrunis: + 371 670 997 07
Fakss: + 371 670 997 06
E-pasts: cargo@tallink.lv


Rīgas Pasažieru osta,
Eksporta iela 3a, Rīga


katru dienu: 08:00 - 19:00

Cargo customer services in Finland:



Phone numbers

Tel +358 203 74266

Tel +46 8 666 3555

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday 07.15 - 21.00

For more information, please contact:

Katri Link

Communications Director

Tallink Grupp

Tel. +372 53042121

E-mail: katri.link@tallink.ee



Tallink Silja AB är den ledande leverantören av passagerar- och frakttransporter i Östersjöns norra del och ingår i Tallink Grupp-koncernen. Tallink Grupp äger 14 fartyg och är verksamt under varumärkena Tallink och Silja Line på sju olika rutter och driver även fyra hotell - 3 i Tallinn och 1 i Riga. Tallink Grupp sysselsätter över 7 400 personer i sex länder. Under 2018 reste 9.8 miljoner passagerare med fartygen och rederiet transporterade närmare 385 000 fraktenheter. AS Tallink Grupp är noterat på Tallinnbörsen sedan 2005 och på Nasdaq Helsingfors sedan 2018.


Erika Janson

Erika Janson

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