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Tataa Biocenter new majority shareholder in Life Genomics

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Tataa Biocenter new majority shareholder in Life Genomics

Tataa Biocenter has made agreement with Bure Equity and ALMI Invest to acquire all their shares in Life Genomics. After completed transaction Tataa Biocenter will hold 59 % of the shares.

Life Genomics started as spin-off from Tataa Biocenter in 2014 and is Sweden’s leading genetic testing company offering non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) to pregnant women, carrier test to those planning family, and risk test for Alzheimer’s disease. The laboratory is located in Göteborg Sweden and is accredited according to ISO 15189. It analyzes samples primarily from Sweden, and expands internationally currently accepting samples from some 10 countries.

Tataa Biocenter was founded in 2001 by researchers at Chalmers University. Tataa offers molecular analyses to industry and have at multiple occasions been nominated Europe’s prime laboratory in its field. Tataa has developed the techniques Two-Tailed PCR and Direct Blood Genotyping (DBG) based on which several products have been developed.

During the pandemic Tataa was on February 3 among the first laboratories in Europe to offer PCR test for SARS-CoV-2. The TATAA GrandPerformance SARS-CoV-2 Detection kit was registered for the CE-IVD mark and the laboratory was equipped for SARS-CoV-2 analysis. A network of private care givers has been established covering Sweden from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south around the platform www.coronapassport.se offering travelers covid-19 tests and fit-for-flight certificates with short turn-around-time.

Tataa also supports the Swedish public testing.

”It has been an exciting and successful journey this far together with ALMI Invest and Bure Equity, who provided the means to bring Life Genomics into next phase, where we see synergy between TATAA Biocenters covid testing business offered through the Coronapassport platform and Life Genomics’s offerings through the NIPT and Fostertest platforms. The future is bright!” - Mikael Kubista, CEO, Tataa Biocenter.

”Life Genomics has shown strong development during the period we have been active, in particular the most recent years Life Genomics management and employees have grown the company while maintaining profitability – impressive accomplishment for a young company. We are glad to see that Life Genomics with Tataa as majority shareholder will have excellent opportunity for further growth around the new platforms” - Louise Warme (ALMI Invest) och Sophie Hagströmer (Bure Equity)

“We thank ALMI Invest and Bure Equity for their contributions. Their financial support and active and focused work in the board has been essential to Life genomics successful development. It is a natural step for us to continue international growth with support from Tataa Biocenter with their competence and network” - Göran Jacobsson, CEO Life Genomics

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TATAA Biocenter grundades 2001 kring avancerad forskning och utveckling inom bioteknik vid Chalmers Tekniska högskola och utvecklar ultrakänsliga molekylära analysmetoder baserade på den skyddade tekniken Two-Tailed PCR. Genom avknoppningen Life Genomics erbjuds genetiska tester såsom icke-invasiv fosterdiagnostik, s.k. NIPT. Tidigare i år utsågs TATAA Biocenter till Europas främsta genanalysföretag av Global Health & Pharma

TATAA Biocenter var bland de första att utveckla ett test för SARS-COV-2, som registrerats för CE-IVD under namnet TATAA GrandPerformance SARS-COV-2 Detection kit för diagnostisk användning inom Europa. TATAA var också tidigt igång med testning för SARS-COV-2 i samarbete med Saint James Hospital på Malta. I Sverige erbjuder TATAA Biocenter testning till resenärer genom plattformen www.coronapassport.se samt bidrar till den offentliga screeningen inom Västra Götalandsregionen. 


Mikael Kubista

Mikael Kubista

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