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Tbricks integrates Pantor Engineering’s world renowned FIX/FAST technology

Stockholm, Sweden, May 11, 2010 — Tbricks, the provider of innovative high-performance trading systems, announced today that it has integrated the Presto FIX/FAST engine from Pantor Engineering, a specialist provider of high-performance trading solutions.

Tbricks offers groundbreaking technology to satisfy ambitious proprietary trading professionals. Tbricks provides unprecedented scalability and unmatched performance, and is designed for strategy based trading as well as computer-aided manual trading.


Tbricks’ customers will now be able to benefit from Tbricks’ supercharged FIX and FAST connectivity ensuring extreme speed to trading venues supporting these standards, such as the CME and Eurex’ FAST based Enhanced Broadcast Solution.


“We are impressed with the quality and performance of Presto, it gives us a state-of-the-art foundation for our FAST solutions,” said Joakim Johansson, CTO of Tbricks. “Pantor truly has an unparalleled in-depth understanding of the FAST technology.”


Jonas Hansbo, CEO of Tbricks, comments: “We have seen an indisputable trend among exchanges and other trading venues to adopt the FIX standard. Current examples in Europe are NYSE Euronext’s Universal Trading Platform as well as Chi-X and BATS Europe. We believe the adoption of the FAST standard for market data distribution will be the next logical step in this development. As inventors of the FAST protocol, Pantor represents a perfect partner for Tbricks. Speed is a critical factor for many trading strategies. By having integrated Pantor’s engine into Tbricks we are able to deliver supreme performance and thereby competitive advantage to our customers.”


"We are delighted that Tbricks has opted for Presto to complement its innovative offering" says Rolf Andersson, CEO of Pantor Engineering.


Tbricks offers comprehensive coverage of key European and US markets, allowing its clients to leverage its fast and modern trading system architecture for their proprietary trading strategies.


For further information, contact:

Jonas Hansbo, CEO Tbricks,, +46 70 652 51 93

Joakim Johansson, CTO Tbricks,, +46 708 64 77 98


Rolf Andersson, CEO Pantor Engineering,, +46 8 412 97 80


About Tbricks

Tbricks’ mission is to provide the most advanced trading technology to proprietary trading professionals, adding competitiveness to their business. The firm has 40 employees and has offices in London, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. Tbricks is privately held. Tbricks has been in production since February 2008 and is successfully running at 15 sites.


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About Pantor Engineering


Pantor Engineering is a Swedish software company that provides advanced products and services for building and monitoring transaction systems for the financial industry.


Pantor proposed the original design of the FAST protocol and participated in the development of the FAST protocol specification. Rolf Andersson is a co-chair of the Market Data Optimization Working Group of FIX Protocol Ltd and David Rosenborg is the current editor of the FAST specifications.


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