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TEDxStockholmWomen event about Creative Empowerment

On December 1st it is time for the first TEDXStockholmWomen at Stockholm Waterfront Building. Under the headline of "Creative Empowerment", the speakers will share their experiences as entrepreneurs and innovators within their different fields of expertise. New ideas and creative tools for positive change will elucidate through their personal experiences and visions. 

TEDxWomen, first held in Washington 2010, aims to highlight ideas of women and girls and their role in creating change. TEDxStockholmWomen wants to keep raising awareness about these issues. "TEDxWomen is about women transforming industries, acting as change agents, innovators, and idea champions which is what we want to bring forward at TEDxStockholmWomen" explains Martina Böhme from TEDxStockholm. 

Live speakers:
Darja Isaksson: IT/Digital specialist, founder and CEO of Ziggy
Creative Colony
Filippa Malmegård: D.I.Y. ambassador, co-founder of Stockholm
Josefin Uhnbom: Social entrepreneur, founder of Food for Thought
- Linda Johansson: Project Manager at Karolinska Institutet
Louise Hamilton: Art Director, Co-founder of Young Art
Linda Portnoff: PhD in Economics, Chief analytics Officer at Volante 

In addition to the live speakers, the event will also contain live streaming from the big TEDxWomen event "The Space Between" held in Washington on November 30th. In other words - there will be a chance for you to see TEDTalks never previously shown to the public! 

TEDxStockholmWomen is a non political event and men are more than welcome to join the audience.

United Spaces, Stockholm Waterfront Building, Klarabergsviadukten 63, 101 23 Stockholm

11.00 am - 3.30 pm (lunch and coffe breaks are included in the program). 

TEDxStockholmWomen is inspired by the initiative TEDWomen, which was first held in Washington in 2010. That first event focused on discussing issues relating to womens' and girls' roles as change agents in the world. Since then there are annual TEDxWomen events organized within the TEDxCommunity all over the world.

Sign up and price

To sign up press this link 
Price for attending the event: 185 SEK 
There are five plus two press and blog passes to apply for. Please contact us on TEDxStockholm in advance to make sure that you have your pass. See contact info here on Mynewsdesk.  

For more information please visit or contact Martina Böhme via mail: or phone:  +46 708 87 06 13

Speaker bios: 

Louise Hamilton, Art Director, founding partner of Young Art

Louise will talk about how Young Art in only two years has put its mark in the art world. How its philosophy that art should be fun and accessible is not in the dos and don’ts according to the art elite. Taking a leap from advertising to create a hub for young art Louise will also mention how the company uses art in a communication perspective. 

Linda Portnoff, PhD in Economics, Chief Analytics Officer at Volante 

Linda Portnoff holds a Ph.D. in accounting from Stockholm School of Economics and is currently Chief Analytics Officer at Volante. Her research focuses on the creative industries, and she is particularly interested in the development of the music industry from an innovation, creativity and control perspective. Linda is an engaged musician having worked with music in many different constellations. 

Darja Isaksson, IT/Digital specialist, founder and CEO of Ziggy Creative Colony

As co-founder of digital consultancy agencies inUse and Ziggy Creative Colony, Darja Isaksson is well aquainted with a digital world that is a mystery to most of us. Working in digital consultancy has given Darja experience from dealing with everything from intranets and complex software to web, apps and development of new digital products and services. Today, she is the CEO of Ziggy Creative Colony and passionate about how digital growth and technology can be part of innovative solutions and creative initiatives for a sustainable future.

Josefin Uhnbom, Social entrepreneur, founder of Food for Thought

Co-founding a company for education in Guatemala opened Josefin’s eyes to how innovation and entrepreneurship can contribute to a positive development of society. In her former role as a board member of Social Entrepreneurship Forum she continued to explore this interest, while collecting knowledge and influences from many different sectors of society. Josefin has worked for Brottsförebyggande rådet, 4C Strategies and Red Cross Refugee Centre and also with ventures within the labour market and education at Folkuniversitet in Stockholm. Food for Thought is the result of Josefin’s belief in social entrepreneurship, combined with her engagement in issues relating to exclusion, inclusion and empowerment. And a great passion for food of course.

 Linda Johansson, Project Manager at Karolinska institutet

Linda is currently managing a project at Karolinska Institutet regarding entrepreneurial awareness within the healthcare professional educational system. She has been a part of a long line of projects within Karolinska Institutet and the Stockkholm County Council contributing development and use of case-based learning methods. In addition to this she is the co-author of two books on case-based learning, and has taken part in the development of new educational strategies with the British Medical Journal. Also, Linda has been one of the driving forces in a project focusing on the future learning environments at Karolinska Institutet. Through her work she has had a vital role in developing innovative teaching and learning methods for the healthcare professional educational system and is very excited about her new project striving to make students strong players on the new competitive market. 

Filippa Malmegård, D.I.Y. ambassador, co-founder of Stockholm MakerSpace

Filippa is a maker of things and of maker community. An empowering D.I.Y (do-it-yourself) experience in 2011 connected her to a ‘maker mindset’ and made her discover the D.I.Y blogosphere. She found herself intrigued by the possibility of interbreeding locally sourced ‘scrap’ materials with globally sourced ‘hack’ ideas. Wanting to develop and promote this connection, she set up, a blog devoted to applied “D.I.Ysign” thinking. Editing crowdsourced content on the creative process of “hacking the crap our of scrap” made her identify the potent power in combinatorial creativity. Wanting to create some of that magic in real life led her co-found Stockholm MakerSpace - a non-profit organization aiming to ignite collaborative innovation by giving art, tech, craft a place to mingle. Filippa currently works as Online Community Manager at Nordic building materials retailer Byggmax


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TEDx is an open-source community of independently organized events that inspire innovation, thought leadership, and visionary insights.

TEDxStockholm is our way of creating such a community in the city we love, together with like-minded people.

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