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Per-Samuel Nisser, Karlstad Kommun, launch FUTUREPERFECT Festival today. Performance and tribute to Norway is a part of the program

Festival Launch Event Program 29 July 10.00 – 11.00
Main tent, Ängsbacka Molkom in Karlstad


  • Musical introduction
  • John Manoochehri background on and welcome to Futureperfect
  • Mikael Winroth on Ängsbacka
  • Nova Wegerif on security aspects at Ängsbacka
  • Nina Jensen on CO2Copenhagen
  • Kalle Bäccman and Johan Rutherhagen on No More Lullabies
  • Per-Samuel Nisser on Karlstad kommun
  • Tim Smit on the Eden project via telephonelink


  • Performance and tribute to Norway (No More Lullabies)

FUTUREPERFECT is a project conceived and developed by John Manoochehri to increase the engagement of specialists and the general public in issues of sustainable design, architecture and lifestyles. Originating as a lecture series on sustainable cities, launched in May 2010 at the Arkitektur Museum Stockholm and supported by Svensk Form, the concept has now evolved to include a column in RUM magazine and the FUTUREPERFECT Festival.

The practical aim of FUTUREPERFECT is simply to create and harness innovative discussion spaces where experts and individuals can meet in much more engaging and enriching environments than they have become accustomed to. The vision of FUTUREPERFECT is to enable the gradual convergence of concepts and practices of sustainable living on a simple proposition: that to truly live sustainably is to truly live well.

FUTUREPERFECT & Ängsbacka Kursgård
Ängsbacka Kursgård is a course-centre focused on personal development and is one of the largest businesses and employers in the local area. Its summer "No Mind" festival for personal development is one of the largest and most successful of its kind in Northern Europe. In 2007 John Manoochehri and his sustainable design and architecture company, Resource Vision, were asked by then-owners of Ängsbacka Kursgård, Kåre Landfald and Kjell-Jörgen Kolstad, to help them evolve Ängsbacka into an eco-community. This led to a package of work called LjusHus, proposing the development of Ängsbacka as a "meeting-place for sustainable human development."

The achievements of this phase of work include, in addition to raising awareness, an international meeting organised by Resource Vision on sustainable human development financed by Karlstads Tillväxtcentrum. Since that time, Ängsbacka Kursgård's ownership transferred to an ekonomisk förening (cooperative member association), and with the support of current EU financing, the förening engaged Resource Vision to lead a project package to continue the evolution of Ängsbacka and the surrounding area towards a sustainable future.

The current project, Ängsbacka FORWARD, is funded by the EU funding stream "Leader" and includes an explicit Development Track which aims to promote projects that have significant external-partner input, such as new festivals. This year's FUTUREPERFECT has been developed as a project developing the platform of the Ängsbacka Ekonomisk Förening - Resource Vision is a member of the association - with significant support and collaboration from Ängsbacka Kursgård AB to make the site and festival arrangement available to FUTUREPERFECT at cost price. If the event makes any profit, this is shared with both Resource Vision and the Ängsbacka member association.

Press accreditation for the event and special interviews with speakers and performers contact: Pressofficer: Annette Sandgren +46 730 098 03 70,
Press assistent: Jonathan Sundqvist +46 739 945 68 12
Press assistent: Fredrik Drakelid +46 730 397 209



  • Konst, kultur, underhållning


  • greenwash
  • recycling
  • ängsbacka
  • the future of food
  • the garden
  • three miles north of malcolm
  • home
  • microcosmos
  • fantastic planet
  • inc
  • food
  • king corn
  • food matter
  • trondelag senter for samtidskunst
  • uber lebenskunst
  • west lexham
  • one planet living
  • bioregional
  • sustainergies
  • tgim
  • rum
  • camino
  • salta kvarn
  • löfbergs lila
  • edita
  • embassy of denmark
  • norges ambassade
  • u.s embassy sweden
  • region värmland
  • karlstads kommun
  • co2 copenhagen
  • resource vision
  • knut larsson
  • linn segolson
  • loney dear
  • nacho tatjer
  • ass
  • copia doble systema
  • simon flat
  • sofia asplund
  • christer sšderberg
  • titiyo
  • john manoochehri
  • ida auken
  • pelle lindroth
  • jennie abrahamson
  • constantin dumba
  • asha ali
  • thorbjšrg hafsteinsdottir
  • sinead mac manus
  • alma nofear
  • joel lindefors
  • nina louise jensen
  • karsten stampa
  • victoria olausson
  • nathaniel corum
  • anna hallin
  • cameron tonkinwise
  • cheryl hicks
  • vinay gupta
  • lyla patel
  • pontus dahlberg
  • futureperfect
  • peter froberg
  • linda petersen
  • vera vinter
  • johanna stŒhl
  • jesper waldersten
  • folke tersman
  • anna maria orru
  • Šngsbacka
  • molkom
  • karlstad
  • no more lullabies
  • jonathan dawson
  • carolyn steel
  • yeray lopez portillo
  • shawn westcott
  • tim smit
  • emma rost
  • sue riddlestone
  • jakob hvistendahl
  • mischa hewitt
  • alex haw
  • karlstad kommun
  • norges ambassad
  • danmarks ambassad
  • amerikanska ambassaden
  • lšfbergs lila
  • john thackara
  • edmund colwille
  • sandra kolstad
  • aleksi neuvonen
  • wendy mcneill
  • caroline norstršm
  • siri karlsson
  • goran kajfes
  • edmund colville
  • johan rutherhagen
  • bengt mossberg
  • rebecka carlsson
  • donnie lygonis
  • annamaria larsson
  • jan forsmark
  • thomas bjelkeman-pettersson
  • pooran desai
  • chris butters
  • thomas melin
  • sue riddleston
  • jesper pagh
  • annika gilljam
  • eric usher
  • bob hansson
  • eating pebble
  • dougald hine
  • nanny-maja anderback
  • maria westerberg
  • richard reynolds
  • martin willers
  • marilyn mehlmann
  • sustainibility

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