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Arab spring in focus when the world’s best photography is awarded in Stockholm today.

The Japanese photographer Yusuke Harada won the Picture of the Year when the international photo competition, Photographers Giving Back Award was judged. Showing rebel fighters kneeling down to pray on the road to Sirte from Misrata in the outskirts of Sadada, Libya.

For the third time photographers and their work are rewarded in the charity contest Photographers Giving Back Award. The contest celebrates top documentary journalism and gives back to the people depicted.

33 year old Yusuke Harada is a Japanese photojournalist who has photographed the world’s major conflicts and hidden crisis. He has given priority to document the people who live under the discrimination and violation of human rights.

“It is with great honour we present this year’s winning photographers in the contest and the jury looked at over 3.000 pictures sent in from 93 different countries. We were devastated by the news on February 22nd about the tragic loss of Rémi Ochlik, one of this year’s award-winning photographers. His incredible courage and his documentation of the war in Syria testify to the importance of documentary journalism.”, says Jonas Lemberg, founder of the PGB Award.

The rewarded photos can be seen in a multimedia piece at Fotografiska in Stockholm from Monday, March 19th, 2012.

The winning pictures can be downloaded from www.thepgbphotoaward.com/Awardedpictures-PGB.zip Only for usage when writing about the awarded pictures. Otherwise please contact each photographer.

Contact Founder Jonas Lemberg by phone: +46 (0)70 733 46 00, or by email: jonas@thepgbphotoaward.com

The PGB Photo Award is an annual photography contest. The best pictures of the year are chosen from entries coming from all corners of the world. The contest has several categories, such as news, sports and nature. Everyone is welcome to compete. The aim is to increase awareness of the important role a press photographer plays in the continous work of portraying the world.The charity project Photographers Giving Back gives back to the people who so often become the subject for the photographer; exposed, vulnerable people all around the world. The PGB Photo Award is financed through sponsors, entry fees and donations.


Picture of the year:

Yusuke Harada

General News Picture of the Year

1. Mads Nissen/ Berlingske/ Panos Pictures

2. Damir Sagolj / Reuters

3. Scott Typaldos

Feature Picture of the Year

1. Anastasia Taylor-Lind / VII Photo Agency

2. Ed Kashi / VII Photo Agency

3. Ilvy Njiokiktjien

Spot News Picture of the Year

1. Remi Ochlik / IP3

2. Jacob Ehrbahn / Politiken

3. Niclas Hammarström /Aftonbladet / Freelance

Portrait Picture of the Year

1. Mads Nissen

2. Oliver Scarff / Getty Images

3. Sebastian Liste / Reportage by Getty Images

Nature Picture of the Year

1. Ivan Alvarado / REUTERS

2. Kevin Frayer / AP

3. Elisabeth Ubbe

Sports Feature Picture of the Year

1. Tomasz Gudzowaty, Yours Gallery/Fotoagentur Focus

2. Adam Pretty / Getty Images

3. Jack Mikrut / Dagens Industri

Sports Action Picture of the Year

1. Dylan Martinez / Reuters

2. Adam Pretty / Getty Images

3. Tim Clayton / Freelance / Corbis

Picture Story of the Year

1. Martin von Krogh / Expressen

2. Maxim Dondyuk

3. Fabio Cuttica

Sports Picture Story of the Year

1. Jason Andrew

2. Daisuke Ito

3. Adam Pretty